As I stepped into late teens, life took a steep turn and I
found soaring alterations in me. A sober and silent guy suddenly becomes
conscious of his looks, checks his hairstyle in mirror more than a dozen times in a day and hums on the musical tunes of song…so there was imperative change…friends
were amused…par abhi Mom ki nazar se bachcha hua tha.

“Kya baat, aajkal hero hote ja rahe ho…Ladki patti kya..”
friends & peers commented.

“Patti nahin Boss, par patt jayegi.” I too boasted…nowhere
ladki, I found near me but in presence of friends, you need to create an image n
I boasted…It was natural for them. 

Till few months before, never ever checked
my wardrobe n took time to decide what to wear…nowadays these things were
becoming important in my life.

In starting loved gazing at the stars at night and strolling
on the roof for no reason, listening to kinky and love songs.

I brooded over my change and found that I was driven by a
shadow of a girl who was following me (I wasn’t sure.). She used to stay in the
house near me and at times, I found her standing in the balcony & staring
at me but the moment, I turned towards her, she hid behind the windows but her
shadow confirmed her existence and unconsciously my heart had started following

Now…I could record the beats of my heart thumping in my rib
cage whenever I saw towards her house and my thoughts revolved around her. I
knew nothing about her…she was a girl…that’s all.

I was curious to find about her but how, I couldn’t think

My birthday was nearing and every year, I celebrated with my
friends at my house and Mom used to cook delicious foods of my choice. Idea
stung me to invite her for the party and as a neighbour, I can invite her personally.

The D Day arrived and I gathered courage to face her. As I
stepped inside her building, I was sweating in the month of wintry December.

I pressed the call bell and there she was standing at the

“Yes.” She said.

“Hello, I am Anvit, your neighbour.” I said.

“Yeah, I know.” She replied coolly.

“Oh, you know me but I don’t know you. Can we be friends?” I
banged the right question without wasting any time further.

“We are.” She said n giggled.

“Today evening, be at my place at 7 pm.” I babbled.

“What’s the occasion?” She asked.

“Surprise for you, trust me….” I said in a relaxed mood.

“Surprise for Me…I can’t believe it. Do you know me by name?”
She asked cutely.

There I was caught, I didn’t inquired her name & threw
so many commandments at her.

“A rose is a rose, whatever name you call by. May I have honor to know your name please?”

“Pari…ok see you.” She said and slammed the door on my face.

I smiled & returned back to my place.

Her face revolved in front of me, her spoken words rang in
my ears and her cute smile & demeanor stole my heart in first face to face
meeting and I was waiting for the beautiful evening when my perfect lady will
arrive with grace to greet me Happy Birthday.

She didn’t know it was my birthday, how she would wish…an
inner voice whispered in my ears.

She is smart, she knows my name and she will find for

I started getting ready for the special evening, styling my
hair with gel and changed into my best fitted suit to meet my lady who tingled
by soul…yes…I had fallen for her…I fell in love.

The evening seemed beautiful, the evening was the same as
other day but the pretty woman’s entry in my life transformed my world into
beautiful hues & I was enjoying the kaleidoscopic view of the same.

Like her name, she was Pari…a lady with pretty &
innocent face, flawless glowing skin, long black hair like Rapunzel & her
sweet voice was sweeter than honey.

Finally, she arrived in pink Shalwar Suit and contrast long
dupatta and she was looking striking beautiful. She was the cynosure of all
eyes but I felt J. I had chosen her for myself and I wanted to watch her

I didn’t know what would be her reply but I had chosen her
for my life partner.
Her eyes were on me and her sweet smile spread on her face
added spark to her beauty.
She was perfect from every sphere or it was my love for her
which found her charming and graceful.

I moved forward to propose…but a loud shout shuddered my

“Anvit, you are getting late…Chal jaa kar tyaar ho.” She was
my Mother India who broke my beautiful dream of fantasy.

But my look out for the perfect woman took a leap and I am
searching one frantically for me…let’s see when I meet My Pari,who will add
meaning to my lonely life.

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