Man is a social animal and when a person outgrows their parents lap, they need someone, with whom they can play, share, fight & confide their secrets…the tit-bits of life…and there arises a need of a friend. A friend is someone with whom you don’t need to pretend, you open up with nothing to hide, laugh at silly things and help each other in time of distress n even when you don’t exchange words, you understand gestures of each other.

We meet lot of people in our life, some comes for a reason, some for a season and some remains with us throughout life. I have been lucky in terms of friends, I am surrounded by a large circle of friends and we are quite intimate with each other..

I chose Romy, my best pal from the kindergarten days. We were neighbors as well as school mates, so we spent maximum time together…

We both looked alike, both skinny with dusky complexion but our eyes were very conspicuous in our face…need to mention here that he was a boy…so in today’s term, it can be said that he was my best boyfriend.

The time when we entered into friendship, we didn’t realize that he was a boy and I a girl. The gender differences never stood between us neither any instance stopped us to make realize that we weren’t alike.

We both were sturdy n I wasn’t fond of dolls. I enjoyed his company and adored outdoor games, the favorite been bat & ball, kite flying, Pitto or Seven Stones, Badminton and even studied together.

He was good at Mathematics & I  was good at English. We studied together n helped each other.

As we grew, he acted as a shield and protected me from the eyes n comments of onlookers more like a brother and we fought like wild siblings, even we hit each other in the intensity of fight & would call with weird names.

Our friendship was well known in our family n neighbors.

When we entered in teens, our friendship became the talk of the town n it wasn’t digested as a friend, it was more taken as an affair.

It was unbelievable that a boy n a girl can remain as friends.we were friends in real terms & shared platonic relationship. We shared each & everything under the sun and with time, we grew possessive of each other but gender never came in between.

We never called each other by real names, rather I called him “Mirchi”(green chilly) n he called me “Khargosh” (rabbit).

After 7th, we drifted apart. He joined boarding school n we were separated. It was a difficult time for both of us but there wasn’t any choice.

In the beginning, I felt lifeless but gradually learnt to live without my friend.

We were connected with the letters, long letters where we poured our hearts out n shared all our good, bad n best activities n laughed out loud while reading them.

With the passage of time, we got engrossed in our studies n did well.

We both settled n got married to our partners.

Even our partners approved our friendship observing the sanctity of our friendship and we are examples of that a guy n a girl can be real friends without having a love affair.

We are connected till today and still my technical adviser is my Mirchi n I am his social adviser.

He is in States n I am in India but still we fight on social sites.

I am happy to have him as my friend, it’s difficult to get such a stupendofabulous friend n I feel proud to have him as my friend.

It’s true, “Ek friend jaruri hota hain.”

On 8th Oct.16, I watched the TV show, Yaaron ki Baraat aired on Zee Tv at 8 pm and enjoyed the first show of the duo, Amitabh Bachchan n Shatrughan Sinha & thoroughly enjoyed the show n their tales of friendship and knew the facts that we were unknown of.

For the first time on Indian television to celebrate friendship, ZEE TV has come up with a fun-filled chat show. Vivo Smartphonepresents Yaaron Ki Baraat co-poweredby and Brooke Bond Red Label which will put celebrity friendships to test through a series of fun challenges and tasks.

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