Life without friends, just can’t think of it. Friends are a
wonderful blessings of God who treads with you in happy hours as well as
adversity and the adversity tests the strength of friendship.
A friend is someone who knows all about you and still love
you, that’s the virtue of friendship and you can share without a second thought
of losing a friend. You don’t need to be formal or in discipline; rather I
believe the bond grows stronger if you are what you are.

I have lot of friends but the one with whom I feel that all
the best things of life is around me is my  best pal, since my school days with whom I share
everything…Don’t get mistaken, I don’t share my hubby. 😛
I remember, I was in Class 4 when I spotted her for the first
time. I didn’t like her. She was chubby, beautiful, and very fair with long
tresses and she looked amazing and many girls envied of her looks…then why she
wasn’t my choice…I was a Tom boy with careless attitude and led a carefree
life, so carefree that never ever bothered to check myself in mirror and she
was more feminine. 
My thought about this Beauty was that she is charming but a
snob, the perception I had about her.

 I forgot to mention here
that I do make friends but not at first instance, I watch n slowly mix up and
once mixed, the bond is inseparable…

I am fond of music and at school in recess hours, we used to
play Antakshari and this game
brought us together.

Law of Attraction came in between “US and worked with perfection.

“Like Poles Repel; Unlike Poles Attract.”

Let me introduce her, she is Farzana, my bosom friend.
Gradually, we came closer and my perception about her underwent great change.

She was very down to earth, simple & sweet and gradually
our friendship became talk of the town. We both were spotted together and we
two looked more like a couple, a Tomboy roaming with her lady and many
onlookers complimented us with this message and we heartily laughed at it.

We grew fond of each other and our friendship grew famous
among our family and neighbors too. We were glued to each other in school as
well as hooked over landline phone.

We both were quite different in looks, girth as well as
traits of our nature differed, nothing matched but still our bond was as strong
as fevicol ka jodd, tootega ka nahin.

Many barged in to put a stop to our friendship and tried to
create misunderstandings taking the basis of looks, religion and other
unaccountable reasons, but nothing worked between us.Our friendship tie withstood all adversities.

I was with her till Tenth board and the bond grew stronger
with the passage of time. 

There was no Me
& You
, it was “We “for both
of us.
We shared each & everything, from food to dresses and my problems
were hers and her happiness was mine.

When we fought, we were worse than enemies and would decide
that we would stop talking to each other but it could last for few minutes and
again we were back in our forms.

I hated her habit of laughing at others while riding on a rickshaw
or in market and she had a bad habit of making fun of others and laugh uncontrollably.
I disliked her way and told her firmly not to repeat but she didn’t pay heed to
it…due to this we were at loggerheads when we were on rickshaw.

Now she disclosed that she followed her habit to irritate me
and she loved me in my irritable looks…Wow…what a friend, she loves me in my
all moods, pleasant or bad.
She wore only shalwar suit and I wore only trousers &
shirts…so how did we exchange the dresses…Yes, we did…you all might feel funny
but it’s true.

For the first time, when we exchanged, we did not step out
of the room, because we both felt uncomfortable and was amused. We saw
ourselves in mirrors n laughed…in those days, we didn’t had selfie system…else
I could have shared the snaps with everyone.

The exchange of dresses took a start in 9th Std.
Slowly, I started liking to wear Suits and felt comfortable and she found
herself comfortable in trousers & shirts.

On the eve of the Teacher’s day, we appeared in school in
exchanged attire and all were wide eyed. Many complimented about our looks and
gradually my choice changed and we both started wearing suits. Initially, I
used to wear hers but after that I got number of them from my mother and she
thanked Farzana profusely to help me to get out of skin of a Tom boy and turn

My life took an important turn and the careless girl was
transformed and the grooming was solely done by my friend. She took the charge
of turning me into a girl, in looks, attire and way of presentation and her
effort worked on me. I considered myself lucky to have found her in my life.

We drifted apart after Board exam, my father got transferred
to a new place, far away from Patna. It wasn’t easy in the beginning but with
time, we adjusted. Those were the days of trunk calls n the communication wasn’t
easy so letters were the best medium to pour our heart out and we followed the

After few years, we both got married in the same month, May
1987 and the irony of our relationship was that we both couldn’t attend the
marriage of each other. In those days neither the communication was easy nor were
we allowed to move freely. We both were hurt but we were helpless and the
distance did not mar our relationship rather it gained firmness.

She gave birth to a child and it was just a chance that I
had landed to Patna along with my hubby and I got a chance to meet her with her
hubby and her new-born baby.
We met after a span of five long years and we were uncontrollable.
We both were spurting out randomly and our hubbies watched our interactions
wearing a smile on their face.

If I start writing about us, I will have to paint endless
pages. We don’t have much snaps together, there are few which I am sharing

We both are connected, thanks to the era of connectivity.

We both were married at the same time and we both married
our kids in the same year, so both friends striding on the same path with same fervor.

We seldom meet due to preoccupations but our soul is
connected. We take decisions mutually, disagreement turns into argue but our
bonding is wonderful and we think positive for each other.


I am outspoken, she is meek. I am independent and can roam
freely but she needs someone to accompany. I am decisive, she needs to be poked
to take the right decision.

Yet we are the flowers of a single garland and the aroma of
our friendship lightens our soul.

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