Sunday, October 23, 2016

Me & 21 Facts of Mine!!! #Friday Reflections

Finding 21 facts for the person in front of you is easy but quite tough to find for oneself and post it public...Still Write Tribe has given a chance to share the facts ranging from good to worst, quirky and anything  that is related with me.

Let me roll out the long list of 21 facts about Me.

1. I am a Music lover and can listen to music endlessly without getting bored. It rejuvenates my mind n heart. I am in love with music of all kinds...old, new jazzy, rocking all goes well with me, the selection fluctuates with mood but the flame of music kindles always.  :) I love to hear music in solitude, the feel is lovely.

2. At times, I am introvert and at times extrovert. Dual personality and my Sun Sign is dual...any guesses...I am Gemini. I love dwelling in solitude, at least for one or two hours...I am in search of more.

3. I am emotional brat and gets hinged to people easily & even get hurt easily but the ill feelings never bottle up. It catches me fast & evaporates faster. I don't nurture grudges.

4. I am a wanderer and my mind takes long journeys from Himalayas to oceans, streams and snow covered mountains.

5. I am a keen observer and try to reason out the reasons which affects our life and surroundings.

6. I am great lover of nature, passionate about clouds, sunrise, and sunset & landscape views. My inner self wants to reside among greenery and close to nature though practically it is not possible for always, so I inhale freshness when I am in and the feeling is awesome, no words to describe the feelings. I love photography n do indulge often.

7. I am a passionate writer since childhood days. In early days of life and till teens, I expressed my feelings through writing, after that too chose writing to be the best medium of expressing myself & venting out my emotions.

8. I am a voracious reader and since early days, I carry newspaper, books, magazines, pen n paper. It surrounds me wherever I depicts Me. I can read anything, it should be paperback. It started with daily newspaper n Champak n it continues with latest novels, magazines. Anything that can be read.

9. I hate porn's, viewing or reading, just can't stand them.

10. I am fond of gardening and I managed my garden all by myself from manoeuvring the soil to grooming the garden till we had individual garden. Now in apartment with helpers, I take care. I feel happy to see the plants blooming whom I nurture. It gives immense satisfaction. It is soul satisfying.

11. I love cleanliness and maintain my house n my belongings with great care and it dazzles with shine. Once I used to do on my own but now after health issues, I take help of support staff but final makeover is done by us...Me n my hubby.

12. I react fast with those who don't comply with my instructions especially the ones from whom I have's tough for them at that moment...not less than Aloo bomb.

13. I have weakness for clothes and I never get tired of buying, situation is this that I always have few new sets in my wardrobe to get it stitched n few lie with my tailor master. I spend extravagantly on my clothes and even I gift to others.

14. I have weakness for furnishing items like bed-sheets, curtains n covers and don't get tired of buying and I do maintain them elegantly.

15. I maintain my clothes nicely and I always wear ironed n clean clothes n if I perspire little bit, I instantly change n wash the secret, I don't perspire much else you could imagine what would have happened.

16. I have weakness for hair wash and I shampoo my silky crowning glory daily and use raw eggs too for washing along with shampoo, I bar eggs on festival days.

17. I maintain relations life long, don't believe in times, if it's strained, I try utmost to straighten the things n I'm readily available with Tan, Mann & Dhann to those who are in need & at times, I part with my necessary cash to help others.

18. I cry easily, tears are my friends for expression. I cry when I am sad as well as I am happy, it rolls down.

19. I am strict where needed and I do what I decide to, nothing can stop me if things are with positive notions. Even with my kids, I am strict as well as I stick to my promise. I never ditch them n don't believe in getting ditched, though people with habit of ditching do their part.

20. I forgive easily and firm believer in the adage, "As you Sow, So you Reap" and "If you do Good, Good & Best will come back to you" and it has worked well in my life.

21. I love dancing on my favorite numbers n I enjoy doing when I am alone n in mood of tapping on the beats as well as in get together parties n marriages....ohh...I forgot to mention to sit behind the wheels n steer around with loud music in the backdrop...nothing can beat this.

Write Tribe

O My God, finally, I have rolled down 21 facts or secrets of my life. Hope you all enjoy reading. Do drop in your comments, will love to read.

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  1. Well written! Most of the facts reflects with each woman, especially the 18th point you mentioned. 'As you sow, so you reap', very well said. Loved reading your article.

  2. Great to read your perspective about life. I am quite a tear jerker too and dual at times, though more an introvert than extrovert. Btw, I hate attending parties for I feel bored after half an hour. I hate selfies, too.

    1. Thanks Vishal for stopping by n great to know about you.

  3. You came up with interesting 21 facts. I struggled to find 21. Enjoyed reading about you.

    1. I felt the same Suzy but when I started even 21 was less, but had to stop it at 21.

  4. very nice....I could relate to many..

  5. Wow you are a Gemini!
    I am a Gemini too and I could relate to so many of the points. Loved reading this post, fellow Gemini blogger <3