Thursday, October 6, 2016

Limerick Challenge Week 40: #Fear


Deep seated fear made her wary

The dreams that followed her was scary

He dawned in her life

To make her his wife

But she was in no mood to make merry.


He had a phobia of flying

Friends requested to keep trying

Turbulence in mid-air shook the airbus

He caught the air-hostess thus

She complained of misbehavior & spying.

© Ila Varma 06-10-2016

Pics: here

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  1. Two distinct poems very expressive and touching the heart. It has such an impact on us.

  2. Short and sweet! touching though..nicely penned

  3. Nice Limericks. I liked the second one better.

  4. Really liked the second one with the twist at the end. How impressions can change due to circumstances, isn't it?

  5. Was caught off guard by the second poem.My gosh! What a way to get caught in controversy!Nicely written!

  6. Liked both the poems.They are like introduction to mystery stories