Joy has numerous meanings and people can feel the joy when one indulges oneself full fledged. The intensity can only be felt if you drown yourself into it, the joy will be ethereal n you will feel on top of the world. The ways of achieving joy varies from person to person, some derives from hobbies, some from their passions n ambitions n some from helping the needy.

Today, Blogadda’s idea to write on Joy of Giving gave me a chance to express my emotions n paint it with the colors of My Joy of Giving.

From the time, I can recall my life when I gained consciousness, I have been standing for the needy people, all needy aren’t poor but they are desperate n need a hand to help them out and I stood for all of them n till date, I render my services in my capacity. Sometimes, I stretch myself in pursuit of helping people but generally, I am ever-ready in the ways I can help.

I recall the days, when I was less than five year old, I used to give detergents to the girls who came to our house to work at home and in fields. They wore torn clothes n dirty ones and when I asked them, they used to say that because of poverty they are like that. My emotions got stirred and I gave them Surf to clean their clothes and at times, I gave my clothes if they were near to my size. In seventy’s there wasn’t issue of child labour and they readily worked to earn few coins n every time after giving, I felt satisfied and happy.

In the days of 70′ & 80’s, I used to give 1 or 2 rupee coin to beggars. I have mentioned the amount bcoz in those days, I fully remember that people gave 10 or 20 paise, you can say less than a quarter paisa. 1 or 2 Rs.coin had immense value in those days. I never felt bad in parting with the coins rather my soul was satisfied.

Everyone at my place knew my habits, some appreciated, few taunted but nothing stopped me.

People exchanged clothes for utensils, I never let my mother do and asked her to donate to the people who are in need.

If someone would fall ill either in the family or out of the family, I would be present and would help them as required; accompany them to doctor or hospital or look after them as situation demanded. At times, parents cribbed at my take but nothing could stop me…I am bit adamant type person n do my bit if I decide to do.

Gradually, with the increase in crimes n theft, I weaned out of allowing unknown people to house to work nor would help them with money. The situation of drug addiction stopped me from donating money. I helped but changed my way, instead of money, I gave food or grains to the hungry and clothes, books n pencils to the needy.

This habit of Giving n deriving joy continues till date though the ways has changed with the change in time.

The world in 1970 n the world of today; there is no comparison, lot underwent transformation but my feeling to share n care remains the same.

Now, when I am free from the responsibilities of my kids, I donate clothes and the necessary items of celebration in festivals like in Holi, I give out “Pichkari’s & Colors” to the kids of my society and support staff along-with sweets n savouries prepared.

In Deepawali, I donate “Soundless Crackers, Candles,Grains, Sweets and the clay utensil sets (toys).

Nowadays, outlook of people have changed, so I give cash to all my support staff n the people who are around me right from my office place to residence place.

I minimize my expenses but never minimize their shares.At times, few of them have ditched me at the moment, I needed them. It bruises my soul but I don’t store grudges, I forgive readily.

I feel satisfied and I am overjoyed to see the smiles on their faces.

I am not very affluent but I have never been let down by Supreme Power when I am in need. I believe it’s my karma of giving joy to people, I am never left out rather my work goes on smoothly.

People, never back out from helping or giving, from the pious hands you deliver, you receive double, every time it’s not materialistic things & feel the happiness buzzing around you.

Our good acts acts as a Boomerang, I firmly believe in it.

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