I read on some blog
that the child is a parcel of a mother whom she chooses to bring into the world
and watch them playing and wandering around her. There is a lot of truth in this
statement and really the heart of mother aches when she doesn’t find her part & parcel around her.
The bitter fact of life is that once they grow up, they will leave you to nestle their own nest, starting their life henceforth.
The worst part is for the mothers to wean away and hold back her feelings. It’s not an easy task. The soul squeezes with grief and worry for the well-being of their kids.
With the passage of
time, love grows profound and she wants her children to be happy and secure but the young minds dare to delve in adventures and the poor soul of
mother flutters and wants to stop them. Always, you can’t stop them.
If you rewind the incidents, same happened with your mother and at that
time you were daring n you shuddered to listen.
Now it’s your time,
so compare both the moments of life, the past & the present and learn to
stop worrying or resisting. Learn to cope up with reality, engross yourself in
your hobbies & wean away from them.

The feeling that you
are going through can’t be explained in words, history repeats itself, it has
repeated before, it’s repeating and it will repeat in future.

There is a intense conflict within. Mind alerts to drift away from unwary emotions but the soul desires to immerse itself in the ocean of love & affection. In best of all, we need to fight out the battle & come out unscathed.

The conflicts of a Mother summed up in a Poem.

Time is here
To filter out near
Resist yourself to
barge in
They have outgrown your
Escallop to shoulder
Their own domain
With none to barge in.

Time has ferried
When you don’t need
To worry
Keep grain of thoughts
in check
Stop them from
Bridge healthy
Sway away from

Weird blade of figments
Locks me in
Spinning the mind
Thawing the wisps of
How hard I strain
Reflections of ill impressions
Submerge me in.
Swallow your grief
Catch the thoughts
It’s time to take
Immerse yourself
In interests of your desire
Balance with harmony
Of your mind.

Let the people wander
Choose their dreams
Living their passion

Grooming in their

They dare to live.

© Ila Varma 04-10-2016

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