Wow…I found the concept of Blogadda interesting to leave a
feedback form before transpiring from this body n this planet.

If in real terms, it was there in life then it would have been interesting for those who lived life well and the dreaded would have been the
poor souls who didn’t lived life at the fullest. It might have been difficult
for the people but it would have been interesting tales for the people who were
left behind and they could have learnt a lot from the mistakes of their family
members and it would have been in loads n loads so a library could have opened
with the feedback forms…anyhow. We don’t have it but we are free to run our
imagination in the way we like…so let’s run our imagination wild and mind it…the
route to be taken is positive and happy side of life…leave behind the grudges
because in normal life, we pick the grudges more n brush away the best side
I don’t share my tough times easily rather I live with all
the best things of life that I have and pick the best roses of life. Roses
bloom within the thorns but they align themselves so well that none of its
petals gets dishevelled and man should learn from the roses.

I am in mid-forties and if I sieve the good n happy moments
of life filtering out the tough n ugly times, I see myself contended with life.
Even with the hiccups, I feel blessed because I accept the negatives as giving
me a chance to wade through n emerge stronger than before.

Today, Blogadda has given me a fair chance so I should avail
the opportunity.

The best deserving thing about my life is that whatever I
do, involving myself fully with positive attitude, success welcomes me with
open arms and I feel the luckiest.

I put in my best efforts and engross myself fullest in
whatsoever I take up in my interests or as demand of time. I thoroughly read,
invent, discover and weigh the pros n cons before taking up n sit quietly once
I am over with it…I feel happy that life & the supreme power has bestowed this
attribute in me.

I am a workaholic and I never sit empty. I am always busy
with something or the other and my creativity helps me to pass time easily.

I never feel bored or lonely because I am my best friend n
my companions are paper, pen, pencil and music and with them, I never feel let
out and enjoy my life on my own terms…in a positive way…don’t misunderstand…I
don’t take people on ride.

The wonderful aspect of my life is that I am a caring person
n love to help the needy people with my efforts, finances, studies, hobbies or
anything in my reach & at times, I stretch myself if it is absolutely
essential n it helps the person in a big way. I never help people with a motive

I believe firmly in the adage: As you sow, so you reap.

Sow best things and you receive the best.

I believe in supreme power but not at all superstitious or
follow blind faith rather I feel that caring n sharing is the best way to
attain godliness.

At times, I am hurt but I never carry grudges against the
people n readily forgive and if the person gives me a chance to correct, I do
initiate n rectify.

The same principle is applicable on me, if I am wrong n someone
points out my mistake, I welcome it with pleasure.

निंदक नियरे राखिए, आंगन
कुटी छवाय 
बिन पानी, साबुन बिना,
निर्मल करे सुभाय|

This works with me with perfection.

I am lover of nature n believe in conservation of the same
in all possible ways, collecting n depositing bio waste to make manures n I
believe in watering plants n don’t encourage to pluck flowers not even for the worship of god in temples, rather I feel we should plant flowers near or in
temple and water the shrubs as a notion of worshiping almighty.

Oh…the feedback form went a little longer but I am pleased
to find that so many good qualities I possess within my soul.

O God, bless me and I am contended n ready to leave my body
for the eternal journey and in next life, I dawn on this earth as I am, with my
characteristics more improved so that I can keep others happy and be happy with

If one is optimistic n cheerful, then one life is enough and
I have lived my life well.

If we really sieve negatives out of life then life is wonderful, I feel so after jotting down positives.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.



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