Many times, children want to skip school n make vague
excuses to miss the school. Even in our childhood, we too try to invent or
discover reasons to put forth parents and guardians to miss school. It is not a
new thing. Recall the Champak n Nandan days…their stories too had stories of
kids trying to evade from attending school and made flimsy excuses of
health…and they spilled the beans when Doctor tried to give them an
injection…Oh wonderful days of childhood.

Man Lo, you have guests around that too the grandmothers or
Aunts of kids then they may try to find excuse to take a holiday from regular
schedule of classes…because these ladies really pamper the kids and they
don’t wish to miss the opportunity of fun n gifts….but if it becomes recurrent
and turns into something serious…Then, Be Alert…find out the reason behind.

When the child is literally not ready to attend the school…When
the grades are lowering or there is eminent change in his/ her behavior pattern…then…It’s a Warning for the parent.

Take the child into confidence and try to retrieve
information about his school, teachers and friends…figure out the reason or
meet their friends, teachers’ n neighbors and take note of his behavior with

Recently, my friend Mira visited my place and told me that
her son Pratik was getting violent since few weeks, was not concentrating on
studies and was adamant not to attend the school. Her husband
suggested to see a psychologist for his changed behavior…he had become very
unruly and his parents were out of their wits.

In the beginning, he wasn’t supportive with the counselor but gradually he took his reins in his hand and it was concluded that the
reason was bullying at school by the school friends and though he complained to
his teacher, she did not pay much heed. The reason for not paying attention was
that he was a mediocre student and the teacher at large paid attention to high
scoring children and this discrimination changed his behavior n he wanted to
escape from attending the school on some pretext or the other and even he did
not keep well.

I was quite surprised to know because I never thought that
such things can take place at schools, which we look as a temple of education
and uniformity. I felt pity for Mira who had to face such extreme days but we
both were thankful to God that Pratik was counselled on time and he did not
lose his way. Today, he is absolutely normal and very punctual in his academics
and his scores are better than before. Mira and her husband identified and
helped Pratik on time.

But how many of us really delve deep when the child shudders
away from school…rather he is scolded and demoralized and sent to school and we
never think beyond him.
Be attentive to your child unruly reprimands, delve deep and
find out the reason fast else you might lose your child.

We often read or hear in news that the child committed
suicide after been bullied by the teachers or friends…this step is not taken in
a day.

These incidents take place because parents fail in their
duty to understand their child resentment and ignore child requests.

Be careful in handling your children. Be friendly and open
with your child so that he or she shares his fears without any fear…Still if
they do not disclose…meet school teachers and discuss the reason and if still
not sorted out, consult a child psychologist and get the issues diagnosed

Give ears to your kids if they are reluctant…there might be
a valid reason to it.


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Disclaimer: The names and characters are fictitious, the incidents take place around us and my observation skill takes a note of it and I decided to discuss on my blog to create awareness among the masses.

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