Friday, October 14, 2016

I Am Happy Without Kids!!!

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One day while in my job, I met a person, who was in his late fifties. A dashing man and he happened to be one of my prestigious client, we earned handsome revenues from him. I had been in touch since 12-13 years, so there was a personal touch with him too.

One day, while discussing my product promotion, I just happened to ask him about his children, where they were and what they were doing. It was part of our job to know the client well for further promotion of our products.

He replied plainly, “Sorry, I don’t have kids.”

The color of my face changed and I regretted to have delved into the question.

I apologized him profusely for my question.

Very boldly he said, “Why you are feeling so sorry? I am happy that I don’t have kids.”

“Sorry Sir, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I didn’t ask deliberately, I was ignorant.” I apologized once more.

Though these mere words were nothing as I had touched his emotions.

“Ohh, Madame, relax. No need to apologize. I really mean my words. I am happy that I don’t have kids.” He said.

It made me curious and I tried to enter the no entry zone of his emotion, but I had to because many queries erupted in my mind and his answers could only satiate my mind.

“Why Sir? Why you say so? Can you share Sir?” I said sheepishly.

“In day to day life, I meet my friends and relatives and find them disturbed just because of their children. Some have complain that their children don’t take their care nor do they enquire about their welfare or whereabouts. Some stay with them but treat badly n avoid them. At least, in the later age of life, I am happy, free from these expectations n anxiety n you will be surprised that we both don’t have any major complications and I find reason simple that we don’t have any botheration’s….so, relax Madame, don’t blame yourself for questioning me. Many people question me and I reply Bindaas n people are amazed at my attitude.” He explained in simple words.

I was speechless, no words to say.

Somewhere, he was right. There are people who have breathed their last in expectation of their children returning back to them.

When one sees the pain around then the people’s perception change.

I am thankful to God that our parents are blessed to have us and I am blessed to have caring kids else my soul would have been in pain.

So, guys, don’t let down your parents. Take care of them and envelop yourself with their blessings.

Remember, one day, we all have to pass through this phase and believe in firmly,

“As you sow, so you reap.”



  1. This is a sad reality of today.The only way to handle this is try to give good values to children.Its really very sad.Nicley expressed

    1. Yes true Anamika, give good values to kids n be a role model. They learn easily by your actions than words.

  2. This is the reality..I alway say celebrate kids and nurture them instead of seeing them as a burden!

  3. Sad reality....i wish for the parents whose children does not take care of them.

  4. While in India not having a child is seen as a pity, in other places, it's a choice. And even those who have children, don't live their old age with an expectation from them. Perhaps, India needs to learn these from other cultures.

    1. I disagree Nandhini. I believe other cultures should learn from India to keep the family integrated.It's sad that people of India are trying to adapt to cultures which are not amicable. Family means helping n b caring.

  5. The harsh realities of today's life where we are heading towards hyper globalization and merging our beautiful and traditional cultures with that of others and in the process neglecting the fabric of family and its true values! A very nice story!

  6. Very nice attitude! Facing the reality with heads high is one such great thing.

  7. first I would really like to appreciate that gentleman's attitude. Everybody make choices according to their experiences in life.
    Secondly would like to tell you that your articles have something so magnetic and so connecting. And your words have soul.