Monday, October 24, 2016


Passing through the woodland
Wheeling on bicycle
With my dear friend
Was busy in counting trees
That passed by.

He caught my hand
I shuddered with fear
How can he do it to me,
Who was my dear?

In the twilight
I could not see his expressions
I jumped from the bicycle
To save my modesty.

He drifted me aside
Whispered in my ear
You don’t need to fear
I am still your dear
I find my love in you
Accept my kind proposal.

I saw passion in his words
That he mumbled
My mind wandered
To find an answer
“Can friends be lovers?”

My mind enquired
The same question
I tumbled to him

“Yes, friends can be great lovers
B'coz they know better each other.
Are you ready to be my valentine?

He edged closer to me
The fear had vanished
And I was feeling lighter
He kissed me on my forehead
I hugged him tight

I was in pool of tears
Of happiness,
Of ecstasy
Of Love.

He took my hand in his
And we stood
For an hour
It felt as if
We knew each other
Since ages.

© Ila Varma 2016

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  1. that's a sweet poem :) It's great when two friends find love, in each other.

  2. Sweet poem filled with love :)

  3. Very Beautiful and sweet poem! Lots of love and letting go a fear when you with your friend and great love!

  4. That is so nice. I foresee a loving future for the two of them.

    Keith's Ramblngs is 10 today!

  5. beautifully written! I so like it when friends fall in love, their friendship would pave way to understanding

  6. How beautiful to have the ride and the conversation tht refuses to be ugly and brutal, that is all love and companionship.

  7. Nothing better than two best friends in love. Such a sweet poem <3

  8. So romantically fluid and beautiful. A heart felt description in the poem.

  9. Just lovely... first love with a twist, friendship is the best way to love if you ask me.

  10. From friendship to love...romantic story. Thanks for sharing ~

  11. What a sweet little love story. :)

  12. Oh I do love when friendship and love are in the best of harmony

  13. I cannot think of anything else to say but "Simply beautiful".

  14. A lovely story within your poem.