Thursday, October 13, 2016

Clouds Quadrille #18




The flower gifted

Instantly fell out

Regrets of losing

My love

Clouded my mind

Tearing my heart apart.

The dangerous cargo ship

Gobbled you

While fleeting in the sea

Leaving me torn.

Everyone inquired

I couldn’t speak a word,

I felt my tongue tied.

© Ila Varma 12-10-2016

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  1. When loosing love the pain is unbearable.

  2. I recognize the feeling of hurt that causes "I couldn’t speak a word,

    I felt my tongue tied." The pain comes through in your poem well.

  3. There is such a feeling of loss in your quadrille and you convey that feeling of being tongue-tied so well.

  4. I m elated dear that you rightly felt the emotions, my writings has done its work

  5. How terribly sad this turned out to be ~ Sometimes silence is best response ~