Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Child's Talk

A Child asks: When we will quit from learning?

I said: Never, it goes on.

Child: O My God, I thought after few years, I will be free from the burden of books.

I said: No Dear, A long way to go. This is your best period of life, enjoy.

Child: How you say best? I think elders are better, no studies, no scolding and free to do what you like.

I said: You are mistaken, my boy. You are at your best. The things that you see and perceive is unreal, reality is quite harsh and difficult for you to understand. Be happy that you are in golden period of life.

This is not the story of one child, every child observes their elders and believe that the elders are far better than them.

Their reasoning is simple, they observe that the elders are free to move at any time of the day, they 

can spend money as per their choice and they feel that they are at loss. 

They observe the superficial things and don't know what is the situation behind the curtain.

They realize the day they step in their shoes, this is the basic fact of life.


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  1. So true... for them, textbooks are the scariest thing in the world. The true lessons and scary moments come from life itself and sometimes no text book can prepare you for it.

  2. True! I too wanted so hard to grow up and taste the freedom, only to learn I was better the other way!


  3. Agree..we all as kids want to grow up and when we grow up ..we want to be a child again :)