I was in Class 7 as far as I  remember.

I along with my friends were playing in the open field nearby our residence.It was wintry afternoon. Suddenly, I saw a boy falling down from the buffalo that he was riding n started writhing on the fields. Leaving our game, we all ran near to him to see what had happened.

He was unconscious and his whole body was trembling. Some passerby told that it was Epilepsy n people should not go near him, it is contagious n the onlookers can be inflicted by the same. Listening to this, all flocked away.

I was left all alone. My friends asked me to leave him but my heart didn’t allow him to leave…was perplexed what to do next…I went home n brought a glass of water and sprinkled on his face n body, but it was all in vain.

A person watching me said, “Sniffing chappals will take him out of the attack of epilepsy”. At first, I didn’t believe n it appeared weird act but when he insisted for long, I did the same.

I don’t know what worked out, but after few minutes, he became conscious. I gave him few biscuits n water. He felt better and I felt happy to see him back into senses.

My small effort helped him. He rode back on his buffalo.

I told the details of the incident to my mother, she too was concerned about my well being. In the corner of my mind, I too had apprehensions but I did not share with anyone.

The incident took place more than three decades ago n till today, I am well. If on advise of others, I would have moved, the boy would have landed in big problem but my timely act saved him.

These little acts of kindness adds immense joy to my life.

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