Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wishes Are Many Dark n Deep!!! #Poetry


Wishes are many dark n deep
It’s all my mind’s freak
Few I insist to see it creep.

Happiness & Peace sweeps in
Fruitful things reap within
Erasing the curse
Of sadness, turmoil n grief
Smiles is all that we need in life
To overcome tears & crime.

Let’s vow to grow green
Weeding out the plastics from our life
Adopt biodegradable in daily use
To save the planet from misuse
Minimize the use of electricity
Loading the surroundings with greenery
To revive life, flora and fauna around.

Take a step back
Bring forth the traditional lifestyle
Switch to ancient nutritious food
Dropping the junkies from your life
Which is wearing & tearing our body
Weaning out the inner strength.

These are my few wishful thinking
It can be carried with vigor
Without wasting money & diseases trigger
We need to adhere to our roots
To add in glory in our life.

© Ila Varma 07-09-2016

Image Credit : Mish
Written for the post of dVerse Wishful Thinking.


  1. I like the idea of weeding out the plastics from our life -- both in the actual meaning, and also in the sense of turning away from the artificial or meaningless in general.

    1. Thanks for understanding my message n taking time out to visit n read.

    2. Marilyn's comment is worthy of a ditto. So "ditto"

  2. I love the message this sends...back to simplicity, and the things of this beautiful earth. <3

  3. Oh I share in so many of your wishes! Turning back to our roots, I really believe we can restore ourselves and this planet. Thank you for joining in with my prompt at dVerse. This a very thoughtful poem. If I could just kindly ask you to credit my photo above with my blog "mishunderstood" or my name given as copyright near the bottom of the prompt page. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the appreciation. I have added your name and link with the image.

    2. Thanks so much! Hope to see you again at dVerse.

    3. U r welcome, it's my pleasure :)

  4. Oh I do wish for moe simplicity in life.

    1. Thanks for stopping by n agreeing with me.

  5. So beautifully expressed.. I too expressed similar required actions from each one of us to save Mother Earth thru' my Post..!

    1. Thanks Sir for your kind words...yes, read your take n shared, it's more informative.

  6. yes more smile and less misuse...nicely put...

  7. Many good wishes here -- almost a litany of to dos to save this planet and ourselves. Happy to report I'm going to the gym for a class today -- getting back to my daily exercise and it coincides with your poem. Count me in!

  8. Glad I came back. My comment vanished! But I so enjoyed this poem, admiring your desire to do away with all the plastic and false things in your life.

  9. i alWays love to say too..
    life was/iS better before
    the apple
    of cultural
    modern ways..
    no luddite am i..
    but stuff i never
    need i'll never
    i'LL be
    free from
    consuming and
    save the planet
    more along the way..
    a gift this life is.. Beauty
    rings in aLL of NatuRe's sKeYes
    as Love in eYes that seem home in all of hEr.. ONE..:)

  10. Some great ideas here. I think I'll sign on with you!

  11. Why wishful thinking? All of it is going to become a reality soon...