Thursday, September 1, 2016

Three Word Wednesday

I am planning to winnow the contact list of my mobile as I feel I have blindly added people in friend list. Off & on, I find few indulge in abashing each other in group, spreading negative vibes and I am losing my mental peace for no folly.

Musings By Ila Varma

Written for the Post 495

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  1. Hmm...this is a wise thing to do. Sometimes, We need to winnow our life as well to declutter negative people and thoughts that stop us to grow.

    Simple yet striking take on the prompt 🙂

  2. In life, I don't winnow friends rather try to improve them or learn from their negations, but the mobiles do get clogged with useless contacts at times n we need to winnow it. Thanks Tarang for the like.

  3. So sweet of you but friends and people who listen to you when you ask them to improve are not negative people, Ila.

    Some people take you for granted, try to create misunderstanding and never skip a chance to demean you. And, they never change. I have very limited contacts in my phone but I think useless contacts in phones don't affect our lives. Negative people do. So, I try to keep a fair yet decent distance.

  4. With age, you will learn the tactics to deal. We can't change all but we can change ourselves to be with them, experience makes us learn.I don't believe in quitting.

  5. I also do this many times.
    It is useless to keep those people in our friend list who drain us and spread negative vibes.

  6. Thanks too needs rejuvenation ;)

  7. True! Wise too!