Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Scream of Trees #AutumnFall

After summers
Autumn comes with a fall.

Green vibrant blades
Turns yellow
Mature n mellow.

Trees scream
“Will you stay?”
Leaves decline its wishes
Plunges to stray
They have a date
With beautiful Earth.

The golden blades
Ready to submit n sublime
In the earth’s womb
Rinsed to ashes
Fertility to the fields.

The blades mess with soil
Engraved in the chest of Earth pot
Gives birth to new shoots & shrubs
Which stand tall.

The rhythm of spring & fall
Comes steadily every year
Still the trees feel sad
When the leaves depart.

© Ila Varma Sep.2016

 Written for the post of Wordle 267 & Poets United Midweek Motif 

Pic Credits: varmaila.com


  1. I suppose we all know our destination and fate but perhaps even if we fall we can spread a little beauty

    1. Thank you my friend for your kind words

  2. I like the way the images are constructed.
    One thing, though, even with poetic license it is preferable to stick to 'trees scream' or 'tree screams', and 'leaves decline' or 'leaf declines'.

    1. Thanks for correcting me...late night writings do take toll at times. I loved ur approach n rectified.

  3. Love the thought. Even while they fall, the leaves serve a purpose.

  4. Date with Earth - beautiful phrase. A vibrant poem, just like foliage.

  5. Only because there is autumn, we can experience the joy of spring :) Lovely poem, Ila!