We all know movies are for entertainment & as actress Vidya Balan puts in, in one of her films, Dirty Picture, Movies are for “Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment”, it was not Vidya Balan, it was the director & script writer behind but we common fellows take it as deciphered n depicted by the actor on the silver screen…this is the Impact.
The films get the subject from society and the world around and leave an impact on the minds and lives of audiences. Each and every movie cannot deliver but there are films which have changed the course of action, mind, and feelings of people and left a long-lasting impact.
I am not a Movie buff but do find time to watch the movies which stand out in the crowd and my preference is to watch movies on the big screen.
Let me start with the movie of my favourite icon Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Abhimaan, 1973, directed and written by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and edited by Das Bhai was a huge success.
It is a single movie that I have watched a dozen times & still if I get a chance, I can go for more. It is a simple movie but it moves the audience from within. It is a film of ‘70’s when very few women stepped out of the home to pursue career and she makes big in comparison to her husband and the rift erupts in the smooth relationship of reel life couple Amitabh Bachchan & Jaya Bhaduri (Bachchan), who are also couple in real life. Both are in the same profession and after marriage, the popularity of Jaya rose which becomes difficult for Amitabh to digest. The ego of man gets defeated. Difficult times steps in, relationship loses its sheen, loses unborn womb and Jaya steps out of profession.
In spite of several hiccups, the film ends on a positive note, they unite and encourage Jaya to give a performance on stage. The emotions shown are very real and it had a positive impact on the minds of audiences and a change was noticed around in the society.
Watching the movie Abhimaan, people realized the intricacies of working couple and understood the emotions and society approved working of wives.
The impact was positive and the Man realized that how false Ego disturbs family. It is a social movie and I give 5 star to Abhimaan.
Again, the movie of my favourite icon, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Baghban, 2003, directed by Ravi Chopra drew a large number of audience.
The story is of a desperate couple i.e. Amitabh Bachchan & Hema Malini, parent of four sons, who languishes all his wealth to provide amenities and education to the children and does not saves for the hay day believing that the sons will be a pillar of strength to the parents after retirement. The emotions of the lead hero AB plays and he takes stand emotionally without giving a second thought. The realization sets in after retirement when he asks his sons to come down at his place and declares his plan. The sons are astounded and the bickering starts behind the back of the parents. The most interesting aspect that they have shown in the movie is that not only the daughters-in-law are worried about the plan even sons are baffled. Finally, the sons conclude that the parents will stay separately at their son’s place and they will move to the places in turn. This comes as a great shock to both the parents and even audience sense the reality of the situation the society is reeling in and it creates a whirlwind of emotions. As usual, Mother in reel role, Hema Malini accepts the decision and move out to their sons. The emotions take a turn during the stay of Mother- Father and they are treated as outsiders not only by the DIL even son’s attitude is pathetic towards their parents. The story is quite long so I won’t go in minor details. I am jumping to the impact of this movie on the audience.
The impact of the movie Baghban was intense and it aroused and titillated the emotions particularly of the people who were parents of grown-up children, middle-aged people, and the senior citizens. It was a hard blow of reality and people felt insecure. The realization dawned on people that in every circumstance, one needs to save for his old age simultaneously fulfilling their dreams of children.
All children don’t have the negative attitude towards their parents but still, a fear and insecurity gripped them. Even teenagers & adults were moved and vowed not to repeat instances like Baghban towards their parents. The society got a hot topic of discussion and it was the talk of the nation.
My view is that the impact of Baghbaan is positive on people around, a saving attitude for the old age and not to be over-dependent on kids. Think with the mind and act with heart, it will come out well.
The movie 3 Idiots, released in 2009, directed by Raju Hiraani & the film stars Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Omi Vaidya, and Boman Irani.
The influence of the movie was positive on the minds of audiences. The movie stated that only degrees cannot help a person in his life, their way of perceiving and creativity and discoveries small or big brings sparks to one’s life. The study course can be mugged up, scores can be scored high but it is not a guarantee that one can be successful in his life. Interests can’t be forced on children or it is not essential that the child will fulfill his parent’s dream.
It insisted on voicing one’s passions and interests and not be suppressed by the parents or teachers. It also sends a message that there are more things to choose as a profession, there are other takes than just textbooks and scores.
The young and the old generation‘s emotions were stirred and it gave rise to new thoughts, aspirations and changed the perceptions of the children and the old. I can sum up in few words, Mindset of generations changed. It is not an easy thing for a movie to create wonders in the minds of people of all generations. Basically, it proved to be a thought-provoking film and the children started believing in their dreams and the parents started readily agreeing to the passions that fired their children mind. It gave voice to children and they started voicing and pursuing their interests and parents & grandparents happily accepted their decision.
So the movie, 3 Idiots brought a revolution in the thought process of society and people love to watch it again and again, the message is conveyed through comedy and humor.
It proved one more thing that a comedy film too can be thought-provoking.
I finally conclude with these three. There are many for discussions but my first take was these 3 movies.
The facts and figures are inputs from the web and the words and the thoughts are exclusive of Ms.Ila Varma and are non-biased.
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