Tuesday, September 20, 2016

In Honour of Deceased!!! #UriAttack


Twilight converged

Creating a prism of hues

Night melted.

The sound of grenades

Broke the peace of dawn.

Alert sounded

Forces ready with arms

Fought bravely

Posing tough to enemies.

In exchange of fires

Blood oozed

Lives stilled

Of brave soldiers

Who fought till the last drop of blood?

Dreams of mothers

Wives & brothers

Was shattered by the undeclared storm

Withering the lives of innocent children.

State gives honour

Flag hang low

To lives sacrificed

Saving the pride of country.

Salutations of guns

Roars in the air

In honor of the deceased

Declaring bravest martyrs of land.

One question

Haunts my mind

Are the killings justified?

We are just been losers

In the fire of terror

Innocents losing life

Families & kin

Will face the wrath

Of missing their loved ones.

Let’s pray

For the departed souls

For their grief-stricken families

To give courage to bear the show.

Let’s unite for peace

Bringing in harmony

Life is short & precious

Let’s be cautious

Saving our country & people

From the claws of terror.

© Ila Varma 20th Sep.2016 

The poem written by me on the recent incident of #UriAttack, these incidents churn my feelings and I go dumb and my fingers move to scribble the boiling thoughts. We are losing lives and peace and the families who give their son to guard our country faces the wrath of terror. In honor of the deceased, my heart grieves for them and My take in the form of a poem shapes in.


  1. I honestly don't know how this situation will ever end. It just goes on and on, decade after decade. How many lives needlessly lost.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. really the situation is getting grave day by day n people are losing lives.