In my childhood days, summer nights were spent under open star-lit sky. After completing my homework, I used to lie down on the cot laid down on the terrace and gazed at the stars and was fascinated by the forms the stars formed. In early days, I was ignorant of the constellations or asteroids but tried to search the patterns, the stars formed in the sky and the twinkling stars stole my heart. I used to be mesmerized by the view and would gaze at the triangles, squares, rectangles or tails the star patterned. The star studded sky and the cool moonlight refreshed my mind and alleviated the mood. The ignorance made it more wonderful and the innocent gazed at the sky for hours until the sleep arrived and then I was carried inside the house.

The star studded sky

Appeared like infinite diamonds

Scattered around.

© Ila Varma 07-09-2016

Written for the post of dVerse Haibun Monday – Twinkle, twinkle.

Image Credits: here

This is my first trial for Haibun, if I have made mistakes, do correct me.

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