All the worries of the day

You bribe in under your cool ray.
Watching you glimmer at night
Romance is on its might.
Flowers of Jasmine blooms
Its fragrance booms n zooms.
Children aspire to walk on moon
Their crazy thoughts wants to be with you soon.
The love birds watches you with lust
Their hidden love outburst.
The old couples cherish the memories of full moon day
Faded memories spread smiles on their way.
The nature around shimmers bright in your shine
Trees sway intoxicated with whine.

Poets & writers gets inspired

Lots have been written n more aspire.

© Ila Varma 09-09-2016
Clicked By Me on the Beach of Mumbai.
The you in poem is “Moon”.
This poem is written for OpenLinkNight #179


~ Poets Pub


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