The way of perceiving things differs from person to person, the same instance is 

perceived by different people in lot many different ways, none are wrong in their 

perspectives, it’s their own way of looking at things and coming to conclusions.

I am not a movie buff, but if I get a chance, I do watch movies in movie hall, not 

interested in bulging out eyes on TV screen, I don’t get the feel.

Watched Baar Baar Dekho in PVR, Bengalore, it is a slow movie but there is a strong message delivered.

1. Live life in present, learn from past and don’t get swayed by future.

2. Chalk out the priorities of Life.

3. Small & simple things brings in happiness more in Life.

4. It’s never too late, the day realization sets in, one can mend their ways.

5.The most important thing in life is Balance between Work & Personal Life; Both has it’s 
own priorities.
6.Money is important but not at the cost of losing family.
If you have patience, you can watch and enjoy the songs &message.
Many may scorn at my views but it’s my way of perceiving things, my perceptions, if you like, well and good if not, it’s your choice, none can compel you.


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