I have the memories of my childhood and the whole long list of wishful thinking that the people of the 70’s and 80’s had had for the future and cherished to see their wishes realize in near future.

The list goes as under:

  1. A day will dawn when there won’t be discrimination of gender in our society.
  2. Girls won’t be seen as a burden to a family.
  3. Feelings of religion, caste, creed and race will vanish from Earth.
  4. Superstitions, charms & blind faith won’t exist in the world.
  5. We will have a better society.
  6. Literate minds will help in all round development.
  7. Cleanliness will be in the agenda
  8. Dowry system will finish off from society.

People had long pages of unfettered hopes and they were sure that our planet will be a better place to live and our society will see the transformation with time.

We entered into a new century with high hopes and we did see the twist & the transformations around. The changes thrust in aspect of science & technology. Maximum people enrolled in schools, universities and institutes…literacy is on run.

Sometimes, I ask from myself…is the wishful thinking of yesterday realized in real terms.

A Big No…rather if I grill the situation from past…I find that the scenario is worse than it was before.

Let us check the facts with the wish list and make a comparison of the situation we are reeling in.

  1. Discrimination of Gender hasn’t come down in reality, still people sing variable opinion about different sex…and both the sexes are responsible for it. Men look down to women and vice-versa. Change in dresses have come but in the actual sense where change was required is yet to come.Marginal changes can be seen in cosmopolitan cities but it is the same at grass root level.
  2. Still female foeticide exist…rather the family of educated minds are indulging…feel sorry for them…the buds are nipped denying to flower.
  3. The feelings are more enraged now around the globe…the killings, unrest around is the best proof.
  4. These superstitions, charms and blind faiths are almost on increasing side in spite of literate society.
  5. Yesterday’s society was better, people cared for each other. Rapes and eve teasing were minimal
  6. Literate minds are creating more confusions, infusing ill feelings among people and more people are losing lives on some pretext or the other.
  7. You will find more litters around than yesterday.
  8. The Dowry is more of a show off in society and still there are issues of burning brides or estranging for money.

We are caught in almost trying situation and the emotions shout at the nasty society we are dwelling in.

We did make enormous growth in terms of realty & constructions, houses replaced by park of high rise, the globalization, and advancement in technology but the mind-set has worsened and society is in dwindle.

Still the train of wishful thinking is not realized, but still optimistic that a day of peace will dawn on our Earth uniting people’s mind, creating a healthy society where we don’t hear the outrage of modesty of women, erasing communal feelings and binding people with affection and love.

Hope that the positive wishful thoughts turns into a reality and will wait to see the dawn of an Era when people will care for happiness of people around.

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