Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Vogue - Wednesday Freak

While tripping on different sites, I came across Mismatched Costumes in vogue. I am not much interested in trending fashion, still the subject caught my attention and I was amazed to find that Yes Mismatched is in vogue....I sighed & brooded over.
What actually is Vogue, it can be anything different n unique from the crowd and must have courage to put up with in Crowd is Vogue and even Mismatched pairs found it's way in Vogue.... :P

Ila Varma 03-08-2016 freaking out with Vogue.

So, if u miss one of your socks, earrings, gloves or sandal, don't brood over, you can use a different one to match with the style in's much in Vogue at present.

Surf in with the word Mismatched & you will land on pages.

Written for One Liner Wednesday.



  1. I actually saw a guy wearing two totally different-coloured shoes yesterday. Now I know why. Thanks, Ila! :)