Generally people don’t start the preparations of the things that would be required for the awaited child…but I am bit different and don’t believe in these weird norms…been a rebel.

My thought says, “Believe in positive & good things and you will be blessed with the best ones.”

I was married at an early age…still in late teens and was not so much aware of family planning and all and after one and half years of marriage…I was on family way. The beginning months were difficult but I readily went through the blues without getting irritated. My childhood days are spent in a family of three generations and so these things weren’t new for me.

After six months, I started the preparations to welcome the child. The due date was in early winters so I started with knitting.

Before marriage, I was Nil in these activities but after marriage, the feeling to knit the sweaters of my hubby inspired me to learn the tricks of knitting and in two years of marriage, I was proficient and would tutor others…such was the level of excellence of my knitting.

My Mom lecture was on that one should not prepare the things before childbirth but I turned deaf ears and was engrossed in the preparations. Whatever I prepared for the child was for a girl child because I badly desired to be blessed with a girl child.

There to was the reason for wanting a Girl-child.

We are four sisters and one brother and in my childhood, I have seen those eyes of the relatives n neighbors with scorn when they learnt that we were four sisters. They did not comment much because my parents did not pay much heed to it but their eyes they way they rolled is still in my memory and I hated them for their stares.

I wanted a girl child to show to the world that how can we welcome a girl child with pride and happiness, the basic reason to have a girl child was with this in my mind.

I knitted sweaters, tiny shoes and tiny caps & gloves of pinks and yellows, my favorite baby colors and I laid them in my wardrobe nicely waiting for the baby to arrive.

It was a pleasure to look at my creations, it gave immense satisfaction and an unknown happiness enveloped my soul.

In spite of pinkies and frocks prepared for the child, I gave birth to a baby boy with C-Section.

People of family as well as hospital rejoiced and were in merry making but I felt a pinch for not been blessed with a baby girl. I kept my feeling submerged in myself, did not share with anyone.

I made my son wear those tiny frocks and tiny shoes till he was of two years.


Till today, every year, I knit tiny shoes and socks for the small babies irrespective of sex and present them to people who are blessed with tiny souls.

The tiny shoes appeals me a lot and in my wardrobe where I keep my wool and needles, one would find tiny shoes and cap lying.

My kids have outgrown my lap but for others still I knit the tiny stuffs, it’s my interest to indulge in knitting colorful tiny shoes of different designs and looks and their look appeals me the most.

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