As I was dusting my cupboard, I came across this snap of my school days and memories of yesteryear’s flashed before my eyes and was transported to the world of my school days, the golden period of life, now I feel so after facing so much of struggle to carve a niche in adolescence.

When I was a kid, I thought the elder people were at their best enjoying life and no hassles and bindings and we kids were deprived of freedom.

The adage is absolutely true, “The grass appears greener on the other side.”

Yes…when stepped in the shoes of elders then realized that the childhood days are the best and school days are the golden period of life.

Best thing that I loved of this photograph is that all the girls are more or less looking same in school uniform, not much differences in looks or status. Uniformity in diversity…isn’t it.

In our days, we never questioned with our friends or class mates as from what background they hailed or social and economic status of their parents, so we never felt disparity among class mates and we treated all equal.

If I compare from today’s generation, the kids of today are more concerned about the status of their parents & flaunt expensive possessions. Nowadays, all are money minded and discrimination speaks up in school itself.

In our days, we never bothered about these petty issues and mingled well.

The snap revived the best memories of life and the best thing that stole my heart was that we all look alike and till today we are connected with most of them and we never showcase our status to each other and giggle like school girls.


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