When I feel stressed out or attacked by illness, I vow lot of things to include in my activity and continue to keep in practice till the time I recover.

Once I am fit and fine, all promises taken are shelved and I run on my rhythm engrossed in the activities, I love most which excludes exercise.

It is not that I don’t want to stay stable and healthy but I am myself fed up with my fickle mind which inclines too much in my job and I come up perfect in my work, but the stress of mind wears out my body.

I do understand the pros and cons of not living up to the mark assigned by my health practitioners.

I adhere to promises given to my friends, family and well-wishers even I don’t ditch my foe but I ditch myself…It’s not fair that too I know but all good things cannot be packed in one individual and that package is me who never turns down other’s feasible requests but not live up to the promises taken for own.

Once again, today, I vow to stick to exercise regimen considering it a pious ritual and follow it in my day-today life…hope it helps me to keep me healthy and physically strong.

It was a pleasure to participate in Bar-A-Thon and write for seven consecutive days on interesting topics and enjoyed reading the posts of other contributors to this contest.

This post is for the Prompt –Blog-A-Rhythm Day 7 Prompt –Promise



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