Look Mamma
I am in your shoes
They fit in me
And I look Good.
I can stroll out
Independent and Free.
Her assertions
Filled me with pride
The heart Dwindled
With her confrontations.
How to say
You were in your best phase
With your Tiny Shoes in.
I need to be more protective
Keep you
Away from the Ogling eyes
Which stares with lust
On your glowing youth.
When I too was a child
Was eager to grow up fast
To scale up from the Tiny Shoes
To Mamma’s exquisite stylish shoes.
The day I fitted in those
Father reprimanded
To follow Deciphered chores.
That day I realized
The stylish shoes
Which I found Attractive & Oily
Wasn’t Easy
For a life Drive.
With it came
Lot of rules & regulations
Ending the cosy life.
I was rigid with parents
Bitter feelings erupted
I was innocent & naive
Nebulous about the
Worldly game.
Trial n errors
Of my life
Made me aware
Of the maddening fear
I realized
The pain
Escaping from
The tiny shoes.

Once again
My yesterday
Was standing
In front of me
With the same aspirations.
I was panting
In a Dilemma
Of fear
Short of words
To express my concerns
To My Daughter Dear.
Tiny shoes were far better
Where you were Minor

You could Dream unfettered.

© Ila Varma 05-08-2016

Written for the Prompt- Tiny Shoes of Bar-A-ThonThree Word Wednesday 491; ABC Wednesday D for Dream, Dilemma, Dear, Daughter, Drive, Deciphered, Dwindled

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