Since the Cherished Blogfest 2016 started, my thoughts were
meandering in highs n lows to decide what to write.My mind was blank.
Gradually the thoughts began to settle and train of ideas cropped up alerting
the antenna of mind.

The incident of MyMother who walked down from the death bed. This is the moment that I cherish
the most and would love to share that at times there are miracles around us and
there is some supreme power which enacts…how & why it happens is beyond

The incident is of July 1994, when I got the message that
Maa is in coma…the blow was so hard that it halted my senses for some time. I
am the eldest in five siblings and I was the only married one, others were in
college and school stage and Maa was the pivot of the family.

My parents were in Bangalore and I was in Patna…anyhow I
managed and reached there. Been the eldest, my presence was essential.

The gloom hovered over our family…everyone was puzzled and scared…
and when we are encased in such adversity, negative thoughts knock making us

Maa was senseless and was not responding to medicines. I won’t
name the hospital but it discharged my mother consoling us that she was at
stage of no return and we should pray to rest her in peace.

We all were hysterical and my father was the most hit with
the ruthless thrashings of life.

We did not give up hope and drove her to another prestigious
hospital of Bangalore to take a second chance. They were reluctant to admit but
our repeated requests bore some positive results. It was a ray of hope in
complete darkness.

For three consecutive nights, my father did not move from
the chair outside ICU and we kids were in bad shape consoling and controlling
emotions of each other.

After 72 hours, she responded and the doctors got a green
signal that she will revive and they left no stone unturned. After a fortnight,
she was discharged with hefty rules n regulations.

The doctors felt that there was some miracle which played
behind to save her, there was no major role of medical fraternity in her

She had acute lung bronchitis wherein 80% of lung was
damaged and there was no scope of revival of dead alveoli sacs. In her case,
her strong will and determination and a miracle saved her.

At present, she is at the threshold of 74 years and she
completed all her responsibilities of settling her children and recently she attended
the marriage ceremony of her eldest grandson.

It is our most Cherished moment of life, recalling all the
past tumultuous times gives us goose bumps.

A faith revived that all happenings are destined but we are
unaware of it and that sways us in hardships.

                                                           Me N My Mom

She is an inspiration to us and her strong will & determination helped her to withstand the rough patches of life.

Their directive:“We invite you to talk to us about one of your cherished objects.Tell us what it is, post a picture of it if you like, and tell us why you cherish it.”
[in under 500 words]
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