Learning is a continuous process and the day you stop learning, you cease to exist. It is not only the text books that comes to learning, we learn from each instances of life and the good motivates to move further and the worst gives us a chance to mend our ways and try again, so in both ways, we gain.

Life is a lesson and everyday we learn something new in our daily life and this gives an insight to move further in life.

The interactions with people enrich our perceptions and even a small child can be your teacher and you learn something new and nice from him.

When we land on the planet, we are naive and we know only two things, crying and feel of hunger…Correct me if I am wrong. It’s my perceptions and the rest that transforms us are through learning.

The first turn, sitting up, standing, walking, talking are all learnt through lessons of life and the tutoring starts from Day One…the precious lessons.

At times seeing the text books, we yawn or think it’s so tough to get through…everything in life that we learnt through was not easy. Unwind the situations and see for yourself, before sitting up in shape, how many times, you missed and fall. Few falls were easy but at times, it gave deep cuts and wounds but still we managed to stand after each fall and it strengthened our motive to try further.

The words of Michelangelo hold truth, “I am still learning.”

Written for the Daily Prompt.

Musings of a Devil Mind…Ila Varma 😛


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