Dear Divya,

After ages, heart leapt forward to write and share
my feelings which swirls in my mind off and on and on the eve of friendship
day, I couldn’t diminish my urge to pen down my feelings and let you know how
it feels to be a friend of you.

Hey, my kindergarten friend, you are closest to my
heart and you are the single person on this planet who knows my in’s and out &
I have willingly shared all the secrets with you. There are few exceptional
things which is in the closet of our bond and even Mom and Pop are not aware of

I feel lucky to have you in my life, my best
friend, teacher, guide, mentor and at times, I felt like killing you, you stood
like demon in my way but it was all for my welfare.
Many people came in my way but you are the unique
one and that’s the reason that all my love and care is in reserve for you.

The school buddies were envious of our
relationship and I remember one instance where we were bullied by the school authorities
who thought us to be lesbians and our dignity was at stake and I remember how Mohini
Aunty invaded and sort out the issues without scarring the image of both the
families and we two friends.

We were parted when we both left for technical
studies and was so much engrossed in it to carve a niche for ourselves that we
missed the link. In our time, connectivity was an issue and we missed the

Many friends and companions emerged in life but
none could replace the vacuum created by your absence and the friendship was
not a bond just a formality to exchange views.

The Facebook acted as a blessing in disguise and
accidentally we spotted each other. There was lot to catch and the chats and few
meetings gave way to exchange the happenings in life.

No words or explanations can substitute for the
feelings of joy that roared in ecstasy of happiness of getting linked with you…I
felt like a school kid.

In professional life, we try to live up to a mark
required to sustain in the field but they are all artificial enamours and is
enamelled with formality. Even if you laugh at a joke, there is a limit and you
cannot extend beyond it.

But when I am with you, I don’t need to follow any
set of rules rather I get a chance to break the rules.

I hope you do remember our craziness for celebrity
of Bollywood or Sports Star and how our hearts craved for them. Our rooms were
painted with the posters of our favourite celebrity. Bunking of classes to
catch the first show of film, sharing of Ice-creams when we did not enough
penny to buy for two.

How we made fools of the so called street Romeos
and how we followed the handsome guys for whom we felt adrenaline rush.

The crazy moments still flashes before my eyes
when I reminisce the times
spent with you and I am still crazy for you.

Now we meet often
and it has revived our bond once again and it withstood all the ravages of time
and the bonding is growing stronger passing through the seasons of life.
I am unable express
my feelings sitting nearby and to vent out my emotions no day would have been
best than the friendship that the world celebrates today.

Happy friendship
day Divya and hope to bask in the aura of your companionship in this life as
well as in the coming life, being optimistic, I do believe there is a life
after death and I promise to hold on you till Death part us.

With loads of love,


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