I was searching for an apt subject on today’s prompt but did not derive at any concrete conclusion. Too many if’s n but’s stood before. You know it’s easy to express ideas on tough subjects but difficult to express the easy expressions.

Many times, we feel we know everything and there’s nothing left to learn…It’s not true…how much you learn or make yourself aware…still there would be few things big or small that you are ignorant about…consciously or in subconscious mind.

I literally scratched my head in exploring what I don’t know and finally came to some conclusion, it can’t be perfect as I am not a perfectionist still see how it comes.

Here is my few Digs.

*I don’t know to be polite and cool on the subjects which I hate or dislike…a terrific weakness or I am not a diplomat and that’s the reason I hate politics n politicians except for few exceptions.

* I don’t know acting…quite straightforward which at times are awkward for some. Now when I am bit matured than yesteryears, I choose silence to be away from the tit-bits especially at formal places.

*I don’t know to pick pocket from my husband’s wallet…at which the womenfolk are proficient and 29 long years have passed but never invaded the range of his wallet.

*I need to learn Instagram & Snapchat, I am quite tech-savvy but still not explored these two and I don’t know yet.

*I don’t know much about politics, just mug up few names of the leaders holding important post to be away from awkwardness among people.

*I don’t know why people run after materialistic things when he knows that Life is uncertain and all possessions will be of no use once this soul elopes.

*I don’t know why married couples kill each other in the circumstances when they cannot live or adjust with them…Why you don’t walk away out of relationships instead of been a Murderer…Whenever I come across such news…this idea crosses my mind.

The list can be a long one but I feel I should conclude at this end…Aww…I wrote so many…initially I had many hiccups how to write for the prompt Blog-A-Rhythm Day 2 Prompt – What You Don’t Know.



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