Tara had a long platonic relationship with Arun and they had decided to marry once they settle in their job, they aspired to join Civil Services. Both were best in their academics. They spent most of the time together that they got after the preparations.

Tara qualified in the finals but Arun was left behind.

Tara’s parents started the topic of settling down in marriage after bagging the job.

Tara was in dilemma, wondering whether to continue the relationship with Arun or not. She gave much importance to social status and did not want to belittle her image in the eyes of people.

She took a hard decision to part ways with Arun. Gradually she minimized her interactions with Arun.

She married Jayant, both did their training together.

Arun came to know through Facebook status & was deeply hurt. He understood the reasons behind Tara’s step and felt the long relationship so fragile.

Tara & Jayant went steady in their relationship and soon they settled in their jobs and was blessed with a lovely daughter. Time moved in its pace.

Tara was transferred to another city, she moved with her school going daughter.

Arun  was posted in the same city. He was in Allied Services and he was still a bachelor. Accidentally they meet at the mall and they started meeting frequently.

The buried feelings ignite and the passion roll out and once again, the relationship gets a flicker.

Tara’s interactions with Jayant undergoes change and this change could not go unnoticed by the peers and Jayant.

Jayant chooses to remain silent and one fine day, he shoots himself in his premises.

The news gets flashed in media and Tara comes to know of it.

In the eyes of society, she remains the widow of Jayant but she had strong feelings for Arun.

She introspects the situation before her and decides to sever from Arun in the interest of her daughter’s life.

Her fragile nature & relationships had already messed her life but she desired best for her daughter and wished to handle the situation with utmost care.

This post is for the Prompt –Blog-A-Rhythm Day 3 Prompt – Fragile Lives.

Life is uncertain and fragile and so are the relationships, it needs patience, unconditional support and to be handled with care.



Disclaimer: The names & the characters are fictitious and any resemblance to any living or dead is purely coincidental.

This post is part of a week long Blogging Challenge.

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