They celebrated Silver jubilee of their wedding with pomp and show and was very enthusiastic about their life. After long years of turmoil and struggle, now everything was stable and fine.

Their hard labour finally paid off. They were very happy. Their daughter got placement in one of the best organisation. Happiness knew no bounds.

They threw a party to celebrate the occasion of their daughter’s placement and the well-wishers n relatives shared their happiness.

One day, the couple went to the temple to pay homage to God and seek blessings.

When they returned, their daughter did not respond to the call bell. They grew suspicious and tried on her mobile but there was no reply.

They froze with fear and with the help of neighbours, they broke the door of their flat.

When they entered their daughter’s room, the couple shrieked and was stunned.

She was hanging from the ceiling fan. They could not think for the reason that she took such extreme step.

They found an envelope on the bed. It was from her institute, she had failed in her majors.

It was really shocking. She never apprised them that she was not doing well in academics and she could not bear the burden.

Their daughter thought only for herself and did not give a second thought about her parents.

The step she took shook the parents and they were hollow and lifeless.

The aim of live their life came to an end and within couple of years, both left for heavenly abode.Their dreams shattered in one blow of life.

Isn’t it Stranger than Fiction?

This incident is of my well known acquaintance and this issue of taking extreme steps by children have become common phenomena. While taking such disastrous step, they don’t give a second thought to the consequences of their actions.

Through this blog, I request people not to step in the vicious circle of suicide and interact with parents n friends who can counsel you and show you the right path.

If parents scold you or behave strictly, it’s for your development. They wish to see you comfortable and happy.

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