I am
different from the crowd and so are my dreams and passions. People yearn to
have a fat purse loaded with several plastic cards and an awesome bank balance
and then they move out to places where they can spend a hefty lot and enjoy the
worldly pleasures which is more hi-tech today, in my perspective, it’s more of
munching money to derive pleasure out of it.

There are a few lot who wish to take a deep plunge into the nature and refresh their mood
surrounded with the beauty and habitat of nature. I am one bird who wish to
wander in places where I can watch the majestic and mystic beauty of Nature
with habitats of nature, swaying and dancing with the pleasant soft breeze caressing my
body and soul. It will be a great stress booster and natural rejuvenation

My soul
craves to wander in the lands of Himachal Pradesh, the beauty of Shimla,
valleys of Kasol, serenity of Dharamshala, the snow fall of Kullu-Manali. Once
I have been for a short trip to this land but due to time constraint could not
enjoy in the lap of nature, but its beauty enchanted me. The nature too has
planned the trees of Himachal as per the climate, Tall Pine, Cheer and Deodar trees with slanting leaves that they don’t hold snow for long, it trails out. I
wish to spend my vacations in these spots and more and derive pleasure and
inner satisfaction leaving fatigue & stress behind.

I wish to visit
the Land of Gods, Kerala and enjoy the greenery sprawled across. It is a land of
wonders and yet people there lead a traditional life quite attached to the
roots of Ayurveda which is purely ethical and it’s a refined form of natural
ingredients. The backwaters, the sea, the house boats, boat races, the fields
of plantations.
I wish to
spend my time in those lands close to nature.

The Leh and
Laddakh too are in my itinerary,
desire to see how the life springs up in these cold regions and watch its

God has
created the planet so artistically but due to over population and urbanisation,
the planet is losing its sheen and the lifestyle that is been backed up is all
by different forms of energy which emits pollution in the atmosphere and the climate has
undergone substantial change. To save planet from further disintegration, we
need to step out in open air and enjoy the feel of nature. If in vacations
people move out to places where they use less of energy to sustain then at
least pollution can slow down.

Go green
concept has started but it is more literal, people need to be made aware to
change the scenario of our planet and save environment.

There are
many beautiful exquisite spots, we need to explore the destinations and there
are numerous health benefits to be associated with nature.

It’s my
dream and I am following to fulfill it in the ambiance of nature, with nature,
greeted by the cooing n chirping of the birds, kissed by the sun-rays of sunshine and
sunset, move with the clouds and numerous things which can be felt but cannot be explained in words.

I will require few things to carry on the destinations, a camera to capture the marvels of nature, pen & paper to jot down, my tea-bags and a mobile without internet just to catch on my family to drop them messages of my whereabouts. I seriously wish to partake in Go Green revolution, a minuscule contribution from me 

I want to
breathe in fresh air and exhale all the toxins of mind and body we are
contaminated with and it will be the best rejuvenation program at my own cost
without paying to Spa’s and Wellness center.

This is my
dream that trails with me and prods me to take the initiatives.

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