When my hopes flicker & images blur

Over the unrelenting issues

Rushing in my life

Leaning me wayward.

I start unwinding

All the cracking things

Which anchored me through.

The days of laughter

Under the clear sun

Without a minor blur.

I count on my blessings

I have ample water to drink

Enough food to lean.

The tender little fingers

Of my cute tots

To hold on

And a strong broad shoulder to lean on.

Why I be concerned & cringe

Over the hovering issues

It is instant

And will disappear soon.

I lift my mood

Ticking my thoughts

To boot in positivity

Trimming the mist around.

My thoughts spin

Watching the colourful butterfly

Clinging on the stem

Chip of joy prints in my soul

I feel easy and clear

Under the darkness of night

The moon shines bright

Tickling me to bouts of laughter.

Why to give up or rush for materialism?

The inner joys chips in & live

To derive pleasures of life

From the little miniatures

That surrounds us

That is the true blessings

To lean on.

© Ila Varma 27-08-2016.

Image: All Rights Reserved of Ila Varma.

Written for the post of Daily Prompts MiniaturePoets United Midweek MotifPrompt 138Wordle 262, and Whirligig 73.


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