Friday, August 19, 2016

Break Up!!! #Poetry


You traveled into my crooked life

Demystifying  the clinging slime

Enthusiastic & charged was I

Trusting you would stay by my side

Stretch of trust smiled

Radiance of love sailed

Misunderstandings crept in


Chipping the standing relationship

The scars were severe

Than the burns of a bullet

You stood composed

I was queasy & jar

Painstaking was the break up

Snatching life’s radiance.

© Ila Varma 19-08-2016

This post is written for Sunday Scribblings 2, Three Word Wednesday, Wordle261


  1. Poignant. Standing composed in times like these defines a lady. Those lines touched me.

  2. I know that my ex girlfriend is deeply attached to me, but she felt cheated and left me alone after having a sad conversation. I could make her understand that she is misunderstood, and our relationship came to an end. Now, I know that my girlfriend has realised her mistake, but I am running no contact rule, so that it compels her to come back to me and express her love once again.

    1. Thanks...Don't over test, bring her back if both ou u readily want to be together