The incident is of ’90s, when Amma was for the first time diagnosed to be inflicted with Blood Sugar. At present, we can count person on our fingers, who are suffering from Diabetes, it has become common and maximum people is in the grip.

I recall that in those days, it was difficult to get Tea without Sugar in market or people could not think of Tea without Sugar whereas today, if guests pour in at our place, we first confirm how many will have tea with or without sugar and then they are offered…Such is the reach of Diabetes in our life at present.

Amma was fond of rice, puffed rice or Kurmure and Doctor advised her to refrain from it. She was not offended by the attack of Sugar but was more offended with Doctor’s prescribed precautions.

Sometimes, literally, her tears rolled down at the pretext of refraining especially from Rice…such was the close proximity with the cereal. She took rice in both her meals, not fond of Chappatis.

We had a large joint family and we all were acting as spies in her life regarding her food habits. Each of us wished for her welfare and she was the first victim of Diabetes in our family so all were more vigilant…at times she got irritated by our moves.

Amma is the first one to wake up in our family and her morning rituals are over till others get down from the bed and after that, she won’t be seen in her room. She would take a nap after the household job is completed, in the living room in front of the TV airing Daily soaps and she watches curiously n the commercial breaks are her nap timings.

One day, I did not find her in all the spaces of our home then I tiptoed in her room fearing that she might not be feeling better and found her sitting on her bed and happily munching the Big Jalebi.. She was halfway and when her eyes fell on me, they widened beyond their circumference and she literally blushed.

I laughed at my victory, catching her red handed but she was hurt been caught red-handed and tears welled in her eyes.

I announced among all of Amma been caught red-handed and she got lectures or people laughed at her childish activity.

Now after years, when I am in mid-forties and I am told to refrain from rich diet or take precautions, I too get annoyed and I have discovered in myself that a craving for sweet increases with age and we want to munch those things which are prescribed not to touch. Either it is our devil mind working on it or we become childish with age and sneak into the kitchen to enjoy the savories without been caught red-handed and now I understand the craving of Amma.

I feel sorry for the moments when we teased her or laughed at her when her hands sprawled on the foodies that she wasn’t allowed. It was our love and concern for her.

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