Monday, August 22, 2016

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 “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The most common prompt that every child faces in his childhood.

It’s a routine affair to interact with the children & to watch their imagination run. Some reply meekly, some are curious and few children’s imagination run wild. It’s a fun to watch the child’s response especially if the child is extrovert, then this simple question acts as a spark to his imagination and he lands chasing the unimaginable world and his expressions are awesome.

I bet the childhood days are the best part of life, without any botheration, nothing to fear. We are ignorant about the facts of life so life is easy and wonderful.

The few children follow their dreams and passions, some forget and some take life as it comes.

I have passed more than four decades of life and have seen a lot of changes happening around, favourable & unfavourable.

I have seen the warriors taking back seat later in life and the meek ones transformed to hard-core courageous winners.

Life is unpredictable and so are the instances.

stands apt for many, rather “Failures are the Pillars of Success” justifies more.


There are bonafide reasons for the transformations. Parents are the first teachers and their values and habits gets imprinted on blank mind of a child. The first lesson of life starts from home, next is our extended families and neighbours which impacts the mind of a child and the final is the school and teachers which gives final shape to a child.

My life too has been full of twists and turns and brought up in a big family where three generations resided under one roof, I got full exposure of the existing generations and transformed me into an individual who could adjust in any circumstances, liberal in attitude and caring personality.

My school too had a positive impact on my personality though health issues tried to stunt my growth but been a fighter, I kept knocking the adversities and finally emerged as a strong personality who could stand alone against a crowd to follow my dreams and passions.

My life has been one of good examples wherein efforts of many people helped me to shape my personality.

In early days of my childhood, my Father was my idol and I tried to follow his style and gestures. I used to accompany him on his errands and he was vigilant to shape my gestures, improve my language and vocabulary and instilled etiquette and manners…so he is my first guide and whose guidance enriched my language and became aware of the world outside home.

Second is my Mother whose hardworking skills, ever ready to welcome guests pouring and home management imbibed in me the qualities of patience of handling things and in this endeavor, my efficiency marred her, this is my mother’s words, not mine.

I went to Mission school and there I got exposure of both studies and discipline. The missionaries not only focus on studies equally they give importance to inculcate good habits, morality and discipline in child and thus came out ingrained with good manners and knowledge with depth.

Thereafter, my wings got strengthened and I was ready for the flight of life. The adventures of health too was on run and chased me through thick and thin.

In early years of my college, I got married and the course of life took a sudden turn, a carefree girl transformed to a caring mother, been blessed with two cute tiny tots.

My mother’s characteristics emerged in me and I devoted my full time and energy on shouldering their responsibilities all by myself and shelved my passion learn and earn for few years.

After few years, my dreams and passion started fluttering, encouraging me to navigate the world outside my dream home but motherly instincts did not allow me to step out leaving the kids on support staff and I took a middle path.

Seeing my craving to work, I got an offer to start a business venture in my premises. My house was quite big and had extra space to start the venture and it took off.

My husband’s constant support helped me to achieve my aim and support of my family members and neighbours helped me to flourish, my efforts did count to flourish but the support of others too held importance in my life.

I ran the venture for more than a decade and within this passage of time, kids took a promising turn in their life and did well in their studies and grew independent.

Due to some unexpected circumstances, I had to wind up my venture but the eagerness to stand out gave me courage to grab a promising job in financial market…It was a great leap and in new world…from pharmaceutical industry to finances, there was no match but the unmatched zeal & determination helped me to soar high.

Initially, I was a big zero…didn’t know ABC of the market. I took the challenge to prove my abilities and got certified in required financial market certifications and a month was enough to adapt the knowledge of the market and my persistent efforts helped me to encash the opportunity.

The mentors of the corporates, the seniors and the colleagues supported me in this run and I became a known figure in financial market of my state and I was more known for my hard work and resolving issues.

The success gave me growth vertically and horizontally, position and earning both enhanced and the success motivated me to take deep plunge and generated awesome revenue for my organisation.

I am indebted to my parents, siblings, husband and my cute souls, friends, colleagues, subordinates, mentors and all who are in my concern who helped me to barge in the exciting world and carve a niche for myself and I feel glad to be connected with the good souls who helped me to deliver my best, step out of the hurdles of health and it boosted my confidence and my dream turned into a beautiful reality. 

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”


  1. Lovely... Nice to know ur life experiences and journey..

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