Monday, August 29, 2016

Abandoned!!! #Fiction

I was on meditation but incessant cry of an infant disturbed my concentration. I tried to ignore and turn towards meditation but it did not work out.

I changed to casuals and followed the direction from where the cry was coming. I ambled around but could not make out.

I stood at one place only to make out the direction and I felt it was somewhere nearby the old garbage can installed at the cross of the road under the lamp post.

I lunged forward hastily and I was aghast to find an infant girl wrapped in green cover crying.

Without giving a second thought, I picked her up in my arms and brushed off the dust from the green wrapper.

I was about to enter my gate, my mother with scornful eyes warned me to leave the infant back.

I could not make out why she was so harsh and acting silly and senseless.

“How can you say so, Maa?” I pleaded.

“I said, leave her where she was. Don’t carry the dirt of others inside the house.” Maa howled.

I had never seen her so enraged before and my mind could not strain beyond, but my motherly instincts was sparked and I was in no mood to leave her back.

"What wrong this child has done, to be punished and left in the garbage." Thought sparked within.

I was only 18 plus so wasn’t aware that what made her parents take such a turn.

I sat in my garden and called Papa to come out and face the tantrum of his old lady, my mother.

“What happened Gita?” Papa enquired.

“Just see this child, so serene her face is and Maa is not letting her in.” I told Papa and made him aware of the rows of events.

“See beta, you both are right on your part but your Mom has seen the harsh reality of life. We don’t know her antecedents and police can intercept us and we will have to face the music. Even your identity would be at stake. You are a growing girl and someone can mud sling your character if we keep her with us. Give it to me and I will inform the police and complete the formalities.” Papa said.

I had no choice rather than absolution to what they said.

With heavy heart, I handed the infant in my father’s arm. My hands were free but my mind got entangled with numerous queries.

I was amazed at my mother’s reaction and didn’t know even in my wildest dreams that she can smite an infant with such a dreadful approach, I was scared.

After the formality of handing over was complete, Papa sat beside and made me aware of the complications that one can face accepting the abandoned child.

I tried to understand the decorum of our society but frankly speaking my adventurous mind of 18 years could not accept it.

It was difficult for me to unplug myself from the incident.

I played the songs and sat on the mat to delve into the passage of meditation, which was not easy at that moment of time.

Written for the post of Wordle 263Whirligig 74

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Disclaimer: It is a pure fiction and any resemblance to living or dead is purely coincidental.


  1. Ila you have depicted the hard reality of our society.Well done and a exellent write up.

    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by.