There are many people around us whom we don’t notice but
they are the superman or superwoman of our life. Man been a social animal, the
life revolves around web of relationships, some by blood and some by humanity.
As we grow and move out, the blood relations are left out and the community in
which we live, they become closer than blood ties. It goes the same for all of

I feel that the support staff who are there at our reach are
the superheroes of our life and whose timely approach makes our life cosy and

Till my kids were small and I was healthy, I carried all the
household chores as well as outside world on my own and I enjoyed executing. In
those days, we had two wheeler and my husband handled it. He was in marketing,
so most of the time, he was on tour. I managed all the chores along with
children by rickshaw and so my dependency was more on the Rickshaw puller.

With two small kids and the baggage, it got tough to cross
roads and hire rickshaw. There was one puller, who was quite generous and
helped me a lot. He advised me to tell my timings of plying and he would be
available on my doorstep at the stipulated time. In those days, mobile services
were not there, so fixing “timings” worked. I don’t remember his name but till
date, I am grateful for his services because he helped me a lot in those days
when my kids were too small and there is only two years age difference between
the two, so you can imagine my plight. He was quite trustworthy and he handled
the kids with love and care while I bought things n veggies from the market. He
rendered his services for absolute four years and never had he failed in his
timings. I recall him as a Superman who helped me in the initial years of my
family life.

Life is full of ups and down and I have my share off and on.

In 90’s, my husband fractured his leg and after a week, I
was confined to bed due to over weakness in my limbs, unable to move. I was in
my early twenties and this sudden change gave me a hard blow and I had nervous
breakdown. The situation at my place was grim. The fracture got ignored, rather
it was taken as a disguise that my husband got ample holiday to stay at home
and arrange for my needs. The god was not happy at this situation and tried to
test our patience. Both my kids were down with measles. So, there was endless
tragedy, one after another and none to take care of us. We had lot of relatives
but none turn up. The mother of my husband’s subordinate offered her help and she
stayed back at our place, managing all the things, especially the kids, who
were of three-four years. Her selfless services for more than a month helped
all of us to recoup and the best part was that she managed the house and her
motherly instinct was great. She was the superwoman in disguise, whose timely
help saved my family. To this day, I am grateful and have tried to be available
for her needs. But my help is not selfless, it is my act of Thanksgiving.

Since two decades, I am suffering from neuropathy and
at most, I need assistance. I am grateful to all my colleagues, subordinates,
associates, friends and staff, who are there for me always and they have made
my life wonderful at my workplace or on outing or at home.

I am surrounded by superheroes and superwoman and they make
my life beautiful and enjoyable and I can’t fathom of life without them. The
ties of brotherhood are more intense in my life than the blood ties, because my
blood ties are staying far off and are available on web or mobile.

I am grateful to all who have added joys and are adding joys
in my life. I salute them with reverence and pray for their well-being.

Cheers to my entourage.

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