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My nephew who has just entered into teens is a query box, a high curious mind and unending queries throttles the mind. We too have gone from the same phase and I know that it’s important to satiate the queries of a growing mind.

He was confused watching the customs and traditions and his Big question was why to include cow dung, mud, mango leaves, fire wood …blah blah in marriage when the two individuals have to marry.

The Indian wedding is not a marriage of two individuals but two families unite and the five elements of Universe too has their role in the traditions.

The reason that I find behind this age old practice is that our ancestors were linked with our rural land and in those days, people had parcel of agricultural land, cattles, elephants n horses, fields, ponds, wells, orchards, so in a way they were linked with nature and for food and shelter, their life thrived on nature. On every auspicious occasions or festivals, all the things of nature were included, it was a way to pay reverence to the things.

With urbanization, links were severed from rural areas but the tradition still flourishes. 

In Indian families, customs n traditions are passed on from one generation to another and in passing, few things have been modified or curtailed as per the requisites of time but still it prospers.

His prompt question was, ” When we don’t own, why do we include them now in our traditions?”

I too hold the same, but a single voice can’t change things in Indian families, rather the single person will be ousted from the social circle.

It’s better to enjoy the charm. I was able to satiate his mind to some extent.

I wish to share the snaps of the things included in the wedding ceremony, The Fire, The Earthen Pots, The Cow Dung, Milk, Mango & Tulsi leaves, The Holy water of Ganges, Flowers, The Sound of a Bell.

A pot filled with holy water and flowers immersed in it. The mango leave is used to sprinkle the holy water during worship and traditions followed.

                      The colourful toys made of Clay adorn the Mandapa of Marriage.

                                                         The grains 

        The coconut is gifted to the groom. The coconut is ornamented with colorful ribbons.

                                        The Sound of a Bell tingling the environment.

                                                               The sacred fire

                            The Earthen pots, Diyas, flowers…Nature’s Best Things.

In a way, Nature participates in the show.

Pics Courtesy: Pushpam Verma

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4 thoughts on “Traditional Indian Wedding”

  1. Saru Singhal says:

    I love such children. They are the reasons we adults try to find the logic behind our traditions, rather than following them mindlessly. I am reading Sita these days. That book has enlightened me on many traditions and rituals of our country.

    Tell me to read it. Btw, beautiful shots. Thanks for a visual treat.

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Yes Saru. Thanks.

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