Sunday, July 31, 2016

Story Time #Colgate Strong Teeth

I received four packs of Colgate Strong Teeth with Free Magical Sea World inside from Colgate.I have grown up kids so I distributed them to my close relatives whose kids are school going and one of them rolled out the story. Here it is.

One day Piku was feeling sad & lonely. He was the single child of his parents & parents were working. After school, he was all alone. He was sitting in garden gazing at the sky, his thoughts wandering. He felt his chair wobble and felt a soft tap on his shoulder. When he lifted his eye, he saw a beautiful angel standing staring at him and passing a sweet smile.

“Why are you sad, Piku?” Angel asked.

“You know my name, Angel?” Piku asked with startled expression.

“Yes, I know and I am here to play with you. You won’t feel lonely and sad.” The angel said.

“Come with me, I will show you the magical world and numerous friends to play with and I am sure you will enjoy.” She said.

“How can I go with you? My parents won’t allow?” Piku told her.

“You don’t have to go anywhere. Just close your eyes Piku & wait till I ask you to open. Don’t worry. You are safe with me. I am your friend.” Angel said

“Open your eyes Piku” A sweet voice whispered.

“Wow, what a beautiful lavish Castle. I am amazed. Thank You Angel.” Piku said but he did not find the angel, instead he saw a beautiful fish Mermaid holding his hand.

“Who are you? Where is my Angel?” Piku asked surprisingly.

“I am the Angel. I have brought you in my kingdom and here I am in the figure of Mermaid. This is our Magical Sea World. See around, you will find all the creatures of underwater world. This is our Underwater Castle. This Shark whale will give you a free enjoyable ride and take you on tour to our world and you can play with them as much as you want.” The Mermaid told Piku.

“Shark whale, take Piku around and show him our world. He is our guest, so take good care of him and make his trip memorable.” The Mermaid said to Shark whale.

“Come Piku, sit on my back and let’s roam and play.” The Shark whale said.

“Piku, Keep this Treasure Map with you, if you miss the way, you can reach safe by following the map.” The Mermaid handed over the map to Piku.

Piku kept it safely in his pocket. The Mermaid wrapped a cover around Piku’s body to keep his body warm while swimming in chilly water.

Piku sat on the back of the Shark whale and the Shark whale took off with a thrust.
Indeed it was a wonderful underwater world and he was astounded by the beauty. It was a colourful magical world, colourful fishes swimming around and singing sweet songs. The music of the land was ethereal and he felt very happy to watch them so close.

“Piku, alight from my back and roam around. The creatures of this world will host a welcome program in your honour. You are our supreme guest.” Shark whale said & stooped low to alight Piku.

There was greenery all around and the soft grasses caressed his toes. He wandered in the garden freely, beautiful flowers were in full bloom, butterflies with lights flickered around.

The colourful fishes sang a welcome song and the octopus and the crabs shook their hinges on the tune.

The tortoise trailed like a train. The queen tortoise led around Piku riding on her back.
Piku was very happy and clapped for the show and thanked the wonderful creatures addressing them as his friends.

After the show, Shark whale told Piku to accompany her back to the palace.

“Whale, I want to take some flowers.” Piku said.

“No Dear, you can’t. In our kingdom, you can see and play but cannot hurt someone. See, no one hurt you and so you cannot hurt them.” The Shark whale explained.

“Can’t we stay for some more time? It will be my pleasure.” Piku asked.

“Come on, let’s go back Piku. The gates of the Castle close at night and we will be stranded outside. There are wonderful things inside the palace, the Mermaid will treat you.” The Shark whale explained Piku.

Shark whale twisted her tail and took off for way back.

She stopped outside Castle and showed a close view of the Castle.

Piku was amazed by the enchanting view of the palatial Castle  with high rising towers illuminated with colourful dimmed lights and it looked heavenly and pleasant to eyes.
“Thank You Whale for riding me to the magical sea world.” Piku said.

“Piku, now it is time to return back to your world. Close your eyes.” The Mermaid said smiling.

“Open your eyes Piku, you are back to your world.” A sweet voice whispered.

His chair wobbled and he was back in his garden. He felt happy and was delighted.

This beautiful story was carved by my nephew with the help of Colgate Magical Sea World Cover which tickled his imagination and he stroked it beautifully.

I thanked him and cooked his favourite dish as a treat for the wonderful story. He smiled sheepishly and when I asked him to laugh out loud, he did but the stained teeth could not go unnoticed.

I gifted him a pack of Colgate Strong Teeth and asked him to sparkle his teeth just like his sparkling story and to weave one more from the pictures inside the cover.