As the clock struck twelve

Chorus of birthday songs

Mellowed the air

Sung by my family heroes

My mother tip toed

On my bed

Embraced me in her arms

Bathing me with her kisses

Showering all her affection.

My father’s fingers

Playing on piano

Tune of Happy Birthday.

The whole house

Illuminated with colourful lights

Decorated with Colourful Balloons.


My siblings encircled me

Looking for the ceremony to start

Of cutting B’day Cake

Baked by My Mom

Of My choice

Chocolate Truffle.

As she placed the cake

On the decorated Centre Table

As a kid

I couldn’t resist the temptation

Pounced on it

To have a bite.

My Mom smiled lovingly

Her million dollar smiles

Still I cannot forget.

She cajoled me

To wait for the formalities

She lit the cake


Helped me to cut it

With a butter knife.

All clapped and sang

Once again

The Happy Birthday Song

All fed me with

My favourite tasty cake

Smearing creams all over

My face

I innocently smacked

With turning my lips

To and fro.

My room flooded

With beautiful gifts

My favourite bites

My favourite toys

My favourite outfits.

I had all my favourites

On my Special Day.

The Birthdays are still special

But I miss my childhood days

The memories are still fresh

And, it inspires me

To live life kingsize.

© Ila Varma 04-07-2016

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