Limerick Challenge Week 28 – Rain

Raindrops scatters on plains
Cleaning all the choked drains
Drizzle washes each leaves & twigs
Dazzling sparkling all figs

Filling the pot-holes and lanes.

© Ila Varma 12-07-2016
Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 28 – Rain and Write Tribe Festival

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6 thoughts on “Limerick Challenge Week 28 – Rain”

  1. Muddly puddles are kids' delight….:)

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thanks Sunaina….we as kids used to jump in the puddles without a second thought.

  2. Ranu says:

    Nice limerick. 🙂

  3. Rashmi Menon says:

    Beautiful limerick, Ila! 🙂

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