It Is Too Late Now!!! #Fiction


We all know that time and tide waits for none and the moment
passed cannot be reversed, still to motivate and inspire us we say, it’s never
too late.

To learn good things or to change to better and best situations,
this assumption is quite true and holds a weightage but it can’t fit in all the

If the seeds are sown on proper time then only one can reap
the fruits at right time. The flowers of marigold will bloom in winters if it
is sown before or just after the advent of winters, if the same seed is planted
in summers, you will get the bushes but no flowers will appear as It Is Too Late Now.

The same thing holds for getting placements on right hour of
life. If you start late or get stuck in or diverse in between then you won’t
get the job on time and best opportunities are missed if you are late because you
don’t fulfil other required parameters. Your grades are good but you are
scaling above the age-limit and you get the reply from the hiring authorities, it’s
too late now.

Many instances of life are such that if you don’t pay heed
on right time in right approach, you miss the train and lag behind. You are let
down by bouts of regret that you missed the opportunity or you failed in your

Tarun loved Tia and he was a perfect match for her but he
could not muster courage to propose with a fear of refusal and time went by and
Tia was married to some other guy. Tarun was invited but he did not attend her
marriage. After marriage, when Tia called Tarun for not surfacing then he told
her that he could not bear the sight of seeing her getting married. Tia was
dumb, she too had a liking for Tarun but she waited for Tarun to approach. Time
lapsed and the two souls who possessed love for each other were separated just
because of not acting on right time and the regret of losing remained etched in
their hearts for long.

This is not the story of one person, there are many who have
lost their loved ones just because they did not act n right hour.

The true instance of my life. When I was married, I did not
go for outings rather stayed back and fulfilled other obligations of life
considering that life is long and after fulfilling the necessary chores of
rearing child, getting a roof overhead and lot more desire will venture out on
errands. Time passed by on its chores, duties and responsibilities were
fulfilled and when I planned to take the trips, the life gave me a hard blow
and was diagnosed with neuropathy. It is difficult to move with it, I have time
and money but not the strength to fulfil my dream of wandering. It’s too late
now. If I had taken a bit more strain or ignored few less important things of
life and would have taken up few outings then regret of losing opportunity
would not linger with me.

People remember you cannot reverse the lost opportunity, so
act on time and keep yourself free from regrets.

Speak out your emotions, whether, it’s your love or anger,
gratitude or agitation, express on right time.

It’s true that if you lose one opportunity, next door opens
but it is not the same in all context of life.

Cheer up before it’s too late. 

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3 thoughts on “It Is Too Late Now!!! #Fiction”

  1. Sara says:

    All great thoughts and very well-penned Ila!

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thanks Sara…love u

  2. women make lots of sacrifices and its really very good to know you were busy to perform your duties and responsibilities and its really very bad that you were not able to manage time for happens….above all this is what we call life.

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