Sunday, July 3, 2016

If Money Disappeared

Today is 30th June and each ping on my mobile gathers my attention…I am alerted and pounce to check the message after each. The ping is a common thing and it is consistent throughout the day, but today it is special…Do you know why? It is the salary day and my ardent eyes are waiting to see the message of bank credit…It is not me alone…same is the case of all working people.

It’s 8 pm, still no message from bank.

“Hey Tarun, why are you peeping at the mobile on each ping? Anyone special.” Tia asked watching my movements since an hour.

Normally, message reached latest by 6 pm. I was wondering…is there some issue with mobile network or my mobile.

“Yes…true special message of an important person…I am sincerely waiting for it.”

“May I know who this is?”

“Madame…it’s my banker…Have you received the message from your banker?” I enquired.

“Nahin…even you did not get the credit. Is something wrong with the network, but other messages are pouring in…the bankers have slept.” Tia said and arrived with two cups of hot masala tea.

She took the seat next to me and the hot topic of discussion of the time was non-credit of salary.

“Mamma, give me some bucks. I need pen and few copies for my assignment.” He was my elder son Vicky.

“Beta, go and take it out from my wallet. Go fast, it’s already 9 pm. The shops will close in sometime.” I said.

“Dad…there is no money in your wallet.”

“Have you checked properly? There was no more than two thousand rupees.” I said and ran to my room to check for myself.

Aww…no currency in my wallet. Did anyone pickpocket…many untoward thoughts thronged my mind.

“Tarun…even my money is missing from my bag. Did anyone barge in the house and ran away with the money.” Tia said, her tone was pitched high.

“Dad…even my money is missing. I am sure there is some foul play in the house. Some outsider has done the work.” Vicky screamed from his study room.

The mobiles started ringing.

“Hey Tarun…did you get the message from the bank?” One of my colleagues enquired.
“No, Dear…even I am wondering what the matter is. I am at wit’s end, someone has barged in the house and took all the currencies from the house. I am very perturbed. Will talk later.” I said going to disconnect the line.

“Same is here Sir. We need to check with the Police.” The voice at the other end said.
I was shunned.

What’s wrong?

I switched on the T.V….

Breaking news…Money disappears from each and every corner of the world. Chests are empty…wallets empty…Card showing nil balance…it’s a mystery
Suspect…Attack of Alien on Earth.

“Whaaat…Aliens attack on money? Have they gone insane?” I muttered.

There was some authentication of the disappearance of money…The channels were showing the commotion…of people stranded on roads, markets, hotels…without money.
The people interviewed were sad and sulking and their minds had stopped working…how to move without money.

Many queries thronged my mind…these paper currencies are so valuable…the tingling coins are so precious…it has thrown life out of gear at sudden disappearance…mental peace perturbed…Oh God…these papers rule our lives…in a way, we are slaves to this piece of paper which we term as money and it rules our each and every activity from basic needs of food, clothes and shelter to luxuries of life…our scores of travelling, health, refreshment and what not. It straps our each and every activity. Now…what to do. I was not the only one…it had attacked the total machinery…it was a consolation for me and it saved from getting mentally imbalanced :)

My wifey Tia was glued to the television news and was changing channels to be updated about the sudden disappearance of money and the way the media reporters howled, it confirmed that it was authentic news. Her commentary too was on along with the media personnel and even she was attending the calls…so…God has made women multi-tasking…watching Tia work on several issues at one moment of time…I was confirmed that the women had the potential of the same.

Suddenly, I saw the commotion in the live new room…all were shaking and the newsreader said that The Alien has flashed the message and they took the responsibility of this money disappearance. They had locked the transactions and the money was in their possession.

Live conversation with The Alien.

“Yes…the total currency is in our possession, we are the masters of it. We wanted to watch the impact of human beings on the disappearance of money which they call, “Haath ka Mail” and they believe that they are the most powerful. From past few hours, we are watching the impact and it is humorous to watch these powerful creatures go berserk. It’s our pleasure to watch them…money disappeared and they are helpless. We have captured their live drama….Ha hahaha… enjoy life without money.”

“Tia…where is my wallet…where is my money?”

“Hey Tarun…what happened? Its 3 am, sleep. Even in sleep, you are running after money.” Tia cajoled me.

“Ohh…it was a bad dream…money disappeared…captured by aliens and the commotion in life without money. This piece of paper is responsible for both, good and bad but it is not indispensable. It is a part of our life and our life regulates on these currencies.” I said.

“Hey…Tarun…don’t be too philosophical…sleep. Philosophy is for daytime.” Tia embraced me tight in her arms and I floated in sweet dreams far away from the dreadful nightmare.

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