Yes, the world is bleeding and it has reached the
optimum level of brutality. People are beheaded, families are perturbed for an
unknown call. It is the hatred towards mankind and few handful of men whose
minds are poisoned have taken retreat to play with the peace and are on spree
to kill people, devastate families…the consequence people are living under the
trauma and it has uprooted evils in society.

The killings commenced in the name of religion and
Islam was scorned for it…but in the present scenario, they too are been the
target…so it is false to put the blame on one religion. All religion doctrines
peace n brotherhood and the religion is not new to this planet and it is a
personal choice. People of all religions have been hailing together since long.

People have been killed in past too but there was a
specific reason. They got killed in wars and revolutions, so there was a
purpose for laying life…but what today we are reeling is baseless.

It’s time to cover up and bring amendments and save
the world, else one day all will be ruined.

Hatred is worse than fire; fire can be doused off
but to douse hatred we have to clean our mind and soul.

Hatred and intolerance are the two subjects which
are responsible for the ravages.

This is the need of the hour to heal the world and
prevent it from further damage.

We need to be collective in our approach to cheer
brotherhood in our social system.

Practice and propagate religion for peace and don’t
impose on people. Let people have their own choices.

The arms and ammunition’s should be used for our
safety not for putting an end to life for no reason.

The shows n serials broadcasted should have less
violence, no show off of new ammunition, it affects the mind of children n
they are easily attracted to them.

Instead of resorting to method of brutality, issues
can be discussed, arguments can be won rather than taking life for opinion 

We need to be tolerant towards each other and should
lend ears to understand the issues burning in the mind.

In schools, Moral Science class should be conducted
and the children should be made aware of the values n ethics of life.

Dissection should not be made on majority n minority
or on religious ground.

All religions should be respected equally n
celebrated in amalgamation, this too will wean out the differences in people
and society will improve.

The technology has advanced so much that we are able
to monitor other planets, the same technology should be used to search the
camps of the groups who are spreading hatred and are responsible for the

Let’s come together and progress for peace so that
we save this planet from destruction and coming posterity can live a life of
peace and to achieve this aim, we need to sow the seeds of peace now.

Let’s pledge for the day when no mother loses her
womb, no couple lose their spouse and we have cheerful people around and mental
peace will elucidate people from deadly diseases n depression.

Religion is a faith and if followed sacredly, it
will boost the morality of people and will certainly bring in harmony and

The teachings of all religions are so great that if we
abide by it then we can have a very systematic, pure and peaceful life and the
faces of people will glow basking in happiness.

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