Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Absence of Peace!!! #Poetry

Published in Praxis Magazine Online is pleased to present “Peace Poem, 2016″

Wish to see the world
In joy n merry making
Chanting hymns of peace
Singing carols of happiness
Together We Stand
Breaking the barriers of Hatred
Praising the Beliefs of All.

Drop the guns
Spill out the venom
Thriving inside
Clasp hands
Form a chain of peace
Laugh out Loud
Spat the chaos burning inside.

Hey Brother
The day
You extend hand of peace
All the chaos n conflicts
Will wipe out from the devil mind
You will feel feather light.

Gaze at
The greens & the colourful blooms
Spirit of peace
Will arise n linger
In your soul
Your body will feel fresh n crystal clear.

It’s time to wrap up hatred
Bring in peace
To tame the minds
Which are in unrest
Thus Peace prevails
Which is absent
Since Many years.

Wish to see
Break of a Dawn
Promising peace n harmony
Crumbling & burning
The hatred n fear
Cracking a sparkling Smile  
On faces of all
Minds be clear
Ties of Faith on Each other
Glues Us Together.

© Ila Varma 19-07-2016


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