Sunday, June 12, 2016

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Life credits you with best and worst things based on your karma. It’s cent percent true. Dharma is just a perception to follow life in routine adhering to it. In primitive days, people were innocent and unaware so the Rishis bound science with Dharma and propagated it, so that people follow it religiously. An unknown fear gripped the people that if they don’t follow the way it is advised, instances may go wrong, and the people came under the influence of dharma so much that they started neglecting karma. Turn your eyes around, you will see that more and more people are thronging to religious places and in spite of been well-educated, they believe in typical superstitions and blind faith and are always on the run to secure life and future. But about karma, it is standing at zero.

See…people don’t get offended…it’s my sole view and I am a karmic person and solely believes on karma. People may question me …what about Dharma? I can’t deny that I don’t follow the principles of Dharma…I do follow but in a very practical way…rather you can say…I am carrying the family traditions that is going on in my family so that the traditions are been carried from one generation to another and been a family person, I need to follow and hand over to my coming generations…but I don’t add something flimsy to it nor do I propagate blind faiths.

I follow karma religiously and am a firm believer that as you sow, so you reap. It’s the bare truth of life and further I believe that if you do good things, it will boomerang to you, so keep on doing good deeds, later or earlier you will receive the same. Many times we are offended that in spite of doing or thinking nice of all, why am I at receiving end with so many hurdles in life. Actually, life is a part and parcel of good and bitter days but we count only the hardships, never do we count our blessings…life will be monotonous if all days are the same. The weather and life are the same, it keeps on changing and to enjoy pleasure, we need to go through pain.

A mother is blessed with a bundle of joy after undergoing bone wracking pain…so is the life…we human are so selfish that we count the pain but never the pleasure.

My experience and my perspectives say that believe in Dharma but keep on increasing your karmic angle and you will find distinct change in yourself and your life ahead. My life isn’t free with hurdles but I never blame God and I accept the hurdles in the same way as blessings and I am at ease.

I have seen people watering Tulsi plants, worshipping deities for long hours, abstaining from non-veg foods on few specific days, wearing specific color on specific days of week but peeping inside their life left me uncomfortable. The lunch is not provided fresh or on time to school going children, the husband and in-laws don’t get breakfast and lunch on time, the whole house looks like a garbage bin, clothes and dirt littered around and the superior lady of the house is busy in welcoming the imaginary god…what is it…which Dharma says to follow such routine and offend all…I sum up in one line…it is all hypocrisy and show off and the one following is not going to gain.

In life, first comes the karma and the karma says to fulfil your duties first and that too with due respect and love, then only you are going to flourish in life.

It is good to water Tulsi plants, it is good for the environment and it can be watered in later part of the day but not at the cost of family and children. They need to be attended first.

My life is the best example of Karma and I have gained a lot in my life due to indulgence in Karma.

From childhood days, I am quite helpful and try to help people around at the maximum, even I have maximum attributes of sharing…I am not trying to be extravagant to show myself, the people who know me can never deny this fact.

And, yes, I have received the efforts and help of people around and well-wishers when I was surrounded by tough situations. At times, the situations were so tense that I felt like I would succumb alone. It is the grace of unknown power on me that someone or the other would be around and things moved off comfortably without disturbing my life.
There are times that the people whom you have helped will ignore you and even by mistake, they won’t sniff close to you. It gives pain on those instances, but believe me, ignore them. Some other person will stand by you…so you won’t be left unattended, that’s the greatness of your karma.

Bind yourself with Dharma to maintain good and healthy hygiene and cleanliness around and indulge in improving your deeds and never ever give up…Keep on doing…we are human and we are bound to err…but learn from your errors and improve yourself.
Give a glass of water to thirsty people, spare your garments for the scarce clothed population, donate food to hungry and donate money to poor.

There is no heaven or hell in space…it is here on earth and we are awarded with it in our lifetime and the day the debits and credits of life is equal, life halts.

This is my way of life…simple and expressive…no superstition…no show offs and I do get rewarded often owing my karma.

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  1. Loved the post Ila.I agree dharma can show you the path but its karma which moves you forward!

    1. Thanks Sara for the appreciation.

  2. Totally agree with you, Ila.
    Even I believe that heaven & hell are here on earth & we get rewarded/punished here itself based on our Karma.
    But, some amount does get carried forward to future lives...

  3. Loved it a lot Ma'am, deep thought and full of facts.